Alice Pyne

Alice Pyne

Young British woman with cancer
Country: Great Britain

  1. Alice Pyne: the Young British Girl Who Inspired the World
  2. A Magical Journey
  3. A Philanthropic Spirit
  4. A Heartfelt Farewell

Alice Pyne: the Young British Girl Who Inspired the World

Alice Pyne, a young British girl, became widely known after she bravely shared her bucket list online. Diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 12, Alice created a list of things she wanted to do before her time ran out. Little did she know that her wishes would not only come true but also inspire thousands of people around the world.

Alice Pyne

A Magical Journey

Alice's bucket list gained momentum when the online community and even celebrities joined in to make her dreams a reality. She had the chance to swim with sharks, meet her idols in the band 'Take That', and witness the majestic whales in Canada. Alice also experienced the thrill of living in a mobile home, exploring the world on wheels.

Alice Pyne

In an interview, Alice expressed her amazement at the sheer magnitude of her dreams coming true. She never expected to cross even half of the items off her list, let alone complete it entirely. Her journey became a testament to the power of hope and the kindness of strangers.

A Philanthropic Spirit

Alice's battle with cancer did not deter her from making a difference. She actively engaged in charitable endeavors and managed to inspire over 40,000 people to register as bone marrow donors. Alongside her family, Alice founded the charitable organization 'Alice's Escapes', which provides retreats for seriously ill children. Her efforts were recognized when she and her sister, Milly, were awarded the Order of the British Empire for their remarkable contributions.

A Heartfelt Farewell

In January 2013, the world mourned the loss of Alice Pyne. Her passing left a profound void in the lives of those who knew her story. In a poignant message on Alice's blog, her mother expressed the devastating impact of her departure, acknowledging that life would never be the same again.

In October of the same year, Milly, Alice's sister, announced her plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as a tribute to her beloved sibling. Alice's spirit and resilience continue to inspire countless individuals, reminding them to cherish each moment and make the most of every opportunity.