Amis Garrigue

Amis Garrigue

Fashion designer
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Amis Garrig
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Amis and the 'Amis' Line
  4. Success and Future Plans

Biography of Amis Garrig

Amis Garrig is a modern fashion designer of Iranian origin. She specializes in fashionable handbags and is known for her unique ability to combine traditional Persian motifs with French elegance and a touch of contemporary American style.

Amis Garrigue

Early Life and Career

Amis Garrig was born in Iran and grew up in Europe and the United States. Her diverse cultural background greatly influenced her unique taste and preferences. Even as a regular teenager in Dallas, Garrig was already involved in the underground fashion movement, selling her handbags and accessories to friends and acquaintances. It was during this time that she firmly decided to pursue a career in fashion design.

Amis Garrigue

However, the path to her dream was not direct. Fate eventually led Garrig to New York, where she worked as a stylist. Her time in New York was not in vain. Not only is New York one of the most important fashion capitals in the world, but it also allowed Garrig to learn and expand her fashion preferences. It was in New York that she met French photographer Guillaume Garrigue, who became her partner.

Amis and the 'Amis' Line

Despite her travels between Paris, Dallas, and New York, Garrig felt a strong pull towards her chosen path of fashion design. With the desire to return to the world of fashion design, she created the company 'Amis' and started producing limited editions of exclusive handbags. To add something new to her own taste, Garrig collaborated with former 'Yves Saint Laurent' designer Eric Jarossay and Parisian master Andrew Gn, forming the project 'Garrigue & Jarossay'. They created handbags made from the best leather and fabrics, embellished with the finest European decorations.

The 'Amis' line quickly gained popularity, with bags selling out at fashion shows and receiving praise from buyers and fashion critics alike. Several prominent national publications such as 'Women's Wear Daily', 'Dallas Morning News', 'Texas Monthly', and 'Celebrated Living' dedicated separate editorial columns to the new bags from Amis Garrig.

Success and Future Plans

The sudden success of the label did not make Garrig lose touch with reality or become complacent. She focused on developing and solidifying the already achieved success. Garrig established connections with top designers in New York and Paris, ensuring the label's presence at new fashion shows. Alongside designing new pieces of art, she also implemented measures to further develop the company. Garrig's talent as both a fashion designer and a skilled businesswoman became evident.

Critics quickly realized that they were dealing with more than just an ordinary "one-hit wonder" and that Garrig had no intention of settling for just 15 minutes of fame. Her ambitious plans to establish herself at the top of the fashion world were well-received by the public. Garrig's drive was fueled not only by empty ambitions but also by her extraordinary talent, which is why her Napoleon-like plans resonated with the public.