Anatoly Wasserman

Anatoly Wasserman

Journalist and political expert
Date of Birth: 09.12.1952
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Anatoly Wasserman
  2. Early Life
  3. Television Career
  4. Journalism and Political Consulting
  5. Recent Years
  6. Personal Life
  7. Current Activities
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Biography of Anatoly Wasserman

Anatoly Wasserman is a journalist and political expert, known for his intellect and erudition, as well as his victories in popular television intellectual games. He works as a journalist, TV presenter, and political consultant. Wasserman also writes enlightening articles on "LiveJournal" and other platforms for sharing opinions. He gained internet fame for his image as a detached scientist in a vest. During the rise of image boards (platforms and forums that were the ideological predecessors of social networks), the largest image board "Dvach" launched a meme with Wasserman called "Onotole". The meme gained viral popularity and made Wasserman famous among the youth.

Anatoly Wasserman

Early Life

Anatoly Alexandrovich Wasserman was born in Odessa, in a Jewish family. His father, Alexander Anatolyevich, was a renowned heat physicist in the Soviet Union and until recently taught at the Odessa National Maritime University. Anatoly's mother worked as a chief accountant. Wasserman showed advanced reading skills at an early age, being able to read books fluently before the age of 4. At the age of 10, he became interested in technology and thoroughly studied the encyclopedia of mechanical engineering. Due to health issues, Wasserman started school at the age of 8, which led to a strained relationship with his peers. He changed several schools due to problems with classmates. Wasserman became more introverted and dedicated a lot of time to studying and self-education.

Anatoly Wasserman

Television Career

After completing school, Wasserman enrolled in the Odessa Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry, intending to follow in his father's footsteps and become a heat physicist. However, during his studies, he became attracted to computer technology. After obtaining his degree, Wasserman worked as a programmer in major Odessa industrial complexes such as "Kholodmash" and "Pishchepromavtomatika".

Anatoly Wasserman

Even while working in the industry, Wasserman continued his intellectual education and gained encyclopedic knowledge. He participated in the qualifying competitions of the intellectual game "What? Where? When?", where he achieved great success. This preparation laid the foundation for Wasserman's television popularity in the following decade. In 1989, at the age of 37, he made his television debut on the All-Union Television in the program "What? Where? When?" as part of Nur Ali Latypov's team. Wasserman then joined the team of famous Odessite Victor Morokhovsky in the program "Brain-Ring", where his partner was another famous Odessa intellectual, Boris Burda. After many notable victories, Wasserman was invited to a new intellectual program called "Svoya Igra" (Own Game), in which he set a record by winning 15 times in a row and earned the title of the best player of the decade.

Anatoly Wasserman

Journalism and Political Consulting

After retiring from his professional career as an intellectual, Wasserman began working in journalism, specializing in political issues. His statements were often radical, causing resonance in society and receiving mostly controversial evaluations due to their categorical nature. Perhaps this reaction was the reason why Wasserman, who ran for the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), did not receive the necessary number of votes. Wasserman has also expressed his desire to become the mayor of Odessa, but he did not participate in any of the pre-election campaigns.

In the new millennium, Wasserman became a professional political consultant. The TV intellectual collaborated with many well-known politicians, published his own articles and essays, and started a blog on "LiveJournal" where he had the opportunity to freely publish notes, observations, and thoughts. Wasserman's "LiveJournal" has a simple and strict design, and as he admitted in an interview, he has blocked access to the journal for only 4 people in 7 years.

Recent Years

In 2005, Wasserman became a regular participant in the intellectual show "Games of the Mind", where he appeared not as a competitor but as an opponent of the show's guests. The TV program ended in the same year.

In addition, from 2008 to 2010, Wasserman published a scientific research journal called "Idea X", specializing in computer technology.

Wasserman continues to collaborate with the media. He hosts the shows "Reaction of Wasserman" and "Open Text" on the TV channels NTV and REN TV, and has a radio program called "Conversation with Anatoly Wasserman" on "Komsomolskaya Pravda" radio.

In 2010, Wasserman published his first book, which focused on Russian-Ukrainian relations and was titled "Russia, Including Ukraine: Unity or Ruin?". In later years, Wasserman began working on general historical topics, and in 2011, his second book, "Skeletons in the Closet of History", was released.

In 2011, Wasserman launched his personal website, which includes structured articles, recordings of TV show episodes featuring Wasserman, interviews, photographs, latest news, and a link to his video blog.

In 2012, Wasserman published two books: "Chest of History: Secrets of Money and Human Vices" and a collaboration with Latypov, titled "Reaction of Wasserman and Latypov to Myths, Legends, and Other Jokes of History".

In 2015, Wasserman appeared in the humoristic intellectual show "Big Question" in the segment "Russian Vest". This segment is not permanent and depends on the participants of each episode. If a guest of the program answers the host's question correctly, they can call Wasserman, and if the popular intellectual answers the same question incorrectly, they double their points.

Personal Life

Anatoly Wasserman claims that he took a vow of chastity in his youth, which he still adheres to, and has never been married. According to Wasserman, he regrets making this vow but believes that at his age, it is difficult to change his personal life, which has not yet developed.

Politically, Wasserman is a Marxist and Stalinist in his beliefs. He is a convinced atheist but has expressed favorable opinions about the beneficial role of the Orthodox Church in the lives of the people.

Wasserman is the inventor and sole owner of a vest with a large number of pockets, in which he carries all the necessary items, from a toolkit and GPS navigator to flashlights and voice recorders. The weight of this vest exceeds 7 kg.

Current Activities

On January 27, 2016, Wasserman, who was originally from Ukraine, acquired Russian citizenship.

In the same year, Wasserman participated in the political life of his new homeland. He ran as a candidate for the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the regional list of Moscow for the party "Fair Russia" in the elections of the 7th convocation. He took second place in his district, with Anton Zharkov from the "United Russia" party surpassing him.

In April 2017, Wasserman started a regular column on the website of "RIA Novosti". Additionally, Anatoly Alexandrovich gives public lectures. In May 2017, he gave three lectures: on May 6 in Gatchina, May 8 in St. Petersburg, and on May 27 in Noyabrsk.

Projects and Shows

  • Brain-Ring
  • Svoya Igra (Own Game)
  • What? Where? When?
  • Games of the Mind
  • Big Question
  • Reaction of Wasserman
  • Open Text
  • Conversation with Anatoly Wasserman