Andre Balazs

Andre Balazs

A major businessman, he owns an extensive chain of hotels.
Country: Hungary

  1. Biography of Andre Balazs
  2. Education and Early Career
  3. Hotel Empire
  4. Personal Life
  5. Lifestyle and Recognition

Biography of Andre Balazs

Andre Balazs, a prominent businessman, is the owner of an extensive hotel network. Born in 1957 in Budapest, Hungary, he is known as a successful entrepreneur and a "social lion" who has been named one of the "Most Elegant Men in America" by GQ magazine.

Andre Balazs

Education and Early Career

Balazs is a graduate of Cornell University, where he also joined the student fraternity "Quill and Dagger." He furthered his education by completing a course at Columbia University. Although Balazs initially pursued a career in politics, actively participating in several election campaigns, he ultimately realized that business was his true passion.

Hotel Empire

Together with his father, Balazs founded a company focused on biotechnology. However, after some time, he shifted his attention to the hospitality industry. Balazs began acquiring nightclubs and restaurants and currently owns eight major hotels in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. These establishments, including the renowned Chateau Marmont, The Mercer, The Standard Hollywood, The Standard Downtown, Sunset Beach, and The Raleigh, are known worldwide for their luxury and exceptional service. Recently, Balazs opened a large hotel in Manhattan. Additionally, he possesses residential buildings in New York and owns significant plots of land. Balazs collaborates with renowned and professional architects, including Jean Nouvel.

Personal Life

While Balazs has achieved great success in his professional endeavors, his personal life has had its ups and downs. He was previously married to Katherine Ford, the daughter of Eileen Ford, founder of the Ford Modeling Agency. In 2003, Balazs began a relationship with Hollywood actress Uma Thurman. Their relationship lasted for three years, and there were rumors of an engagement and imminent wedding, but they eventually parted ways.

Lifestyle and Recognition

Andre Balazs is known as a "social lion" and an elegant man. He seeks to attend the most glamorous events where America's elite gather. Balazs surrounds himself with expensive and beautiful things and alluring women. He strives for a perfect life, always aiming to look impeccable, whether at a glamorous event or during a casual stroll. In early 2009, Balazs was recognized as one of the "Most Elegant Men in America" by GQ magazine.