Andrew Eldritch

Andrew Eldritch

Composer, rock singer, drummer
Date of Birth: 15.05.1959
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Andrew Eldritch
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. The Sisters of Mercy
  4. Later Career
  5. Conflict with Critics and Gothic Rock
  6. The Sisters of Mercy Today

Biography of Andrew Eldritch

Andrew Eldritch, a composer, rock singer, and drummer, appears to be one of those musicians who is not easy to get along with. A talented composer, singer, and drummer, he is difficult to communicate with and often finds himself in conflicts with everyone he has to work with. His full name is Andrew William Harvey Taylor.

Andrew Eldritch

Early Life and Education

Andrew Eldritch was born on May 15, 1959, in the small English town of Ely. In 1978, he studied German and French literature at the University of Oxford, and later switched to studying the Mandarin dialect of Chinese at the University of Leeds. He did not complete either course, but he still knows multiple languages. Andrew is fluent in German and French, as well as having a good knowledge of Danish, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and Latin.

Andrew Eldritch

The Sisters of Mercy

In the 1980s, Andrew Eldritch formed a band called The Sisters of Mercy. The existence of the band was marred by endless scandals. During the band's lifespan, nine members left, and some of their departures were accompanied by a smear campaign in the press. As soon as they mentioned Eldritch's unbearable character, the tabloid press attacked them, crushing their individual aspirations. One former member of the band was practically prevented from forming his own group because the amount of compromising material and dirty publications was such that no one wanted to work with him. Eventually, Andrew Eldritch himself fell out with the record label EastWest, to which he owed two albums. He insisted that he could not create in a situation of conflict caused by being surrounded by moronic idiots.

Later Career

In the 1990s, Eldritch focused more on helping other artists with their recordings. He worked with Gary Moore and Sarah Brightman. In 1997, he released an electronic music album, which he gave to the EastWest company in exchange for being released from any obligations.

Conflict with Critics and Gothic Rock

Another interesting conflict Andrew Eldritch had was with music critics. In the 1980s, the press dubbed him the father of gothic rock. It is believed that this genre emerged from post-punk, and as one of the founders of gothic rock, Eldritch provoked the appearance of many followers. However, even in this seemingly complimentary label, Eldritch saw something unpleasant. "If anyone is the devil's advocate, it's the pop culture," says Andrew Eldritch. "I am not an apologist for gothic music; I preach the values of humanism and modernism. One cannot be so primitive as to label me as gothic rock just because I often appear on stage wearing black sunglasses."

The Sisters of Mercy Today

The band The Sisters of Mercy still exists to this day and occasionally goes on concert tours with a schedule of up to 70 concerts in six months. However, Andrew Eldritch can be considered a musician who has almost retired from his music career. He does not write or record new songs, and all the concerts are performed using old material.