Anne Pharo

Anne Pharo

British woman with cancer.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Anne Pharaoh
  2. A Long and Challenging Journey
  3. A New Path to Healing
  4. Embracing a Holistic Lifestyle
  5. A Woman of Strength and Optimism
  6. A New Approach to Treatment

Biography of Anne Pharaoh

Anne Pharaoh, a British woman, has been battling cancer for the past four years. Despite her initial victory over the disease, cancer has returned, and this time Anne plans to fight it in a completely different way. Having previously undergone multiple treatments, including surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, Anne is now determined to take a holistic approach to combat her illness.

Anne Pharo

A Long and Challenging Journey

In 2010, Anne underwent two rounds of treatment for breast cancer, including two mastectomies, six rounds of chemotherapy, and four weeks of radiation therapy. Although she initially celebrated her victory over the disease, in October 2014, Anne noticed a strange lump on her chest, which turned out to be a recurrence of cancer for the third time. Despite her doctors recommending immediate treatment and further chemotherapy courses, Anne decided to reject traditional medical procedures.

Anne Pharo

A New Path to Healing

Disillusioned with the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Anne turned to alternative methods to fight cancer. She embraced a healthy diet, engaged in active running, including participating in marathon distances, and explored alternative medicine. While medical professionals view Anne's decision as risky and potentially life-threatening, she firmly believes that conventional treatments only provide temporary relief and allow the disease to return in a few years. Anne experienced severe side effects from her previous treatments, which almost cost her life, reinforcing her decision to never return to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Embracing a Holistic Lifestyle

Currently, Anne has fully immersed herself in activities such as running and other forms of natural healing. She has radically changed her diet, undergoes oxygen therapy weekly, and visits a homeopath regularly. Anne is determined to overcome cancer once again, even though the effectiveness of her chosen path has not yet been proven. Despite being informed that her tumor has grown since October, Anne remains confident in her decision and dismisses the doctors' claims of the risks involved. She believes that her natural methods, at the very least, do not harm her health.

A Woman of Strength and Optimism

Anne's oncologist, although not supportive of her chosen path, recognizes that his opinion does not influence her decisions. Anne remains undeterred by the tumor's growth and looks ahead with optimism. She plans to participate in a marathon this summer, demonstrating her belief in herself and her ability to overcome cancer. While Anne wishes that insurance companies would cover her chosen treatment methods, she must fund them independently. The initial cancer diagnosis in January 2010 deeply affected Anne, who was already facing the challenges of being a single mother. Determined to find a way to heal for the sake of her children, she diligently followed all medical advice and treatments, enduring the hardships of chemotherapy and radiation therapy while juggling the demands of her job. However, it was the advice of an old friend, a fellow cancer survivor, that truly changed Anne's life. Encouraged by her friend, Anne altered her diet and embarked on a fitness journey, gradually regaining her strength. In April 2012, she successfully completed the London Marathon, solidifying her belief that cancer can and should be defeated.

A New Approach to Treatment

Anne's new treatment methods involve non-invasive approaches, such as oxygen therapy, lemon juice with baking soda, and consultations with a natural medicine center in Bulgaria. Funding for her treatment is gathered through a special website, relying on the generosity of kind-hearted individuals who support her cause. Anne remains hopeful that the funding will continue to support her journey towards healing.