Annette Gerritsen

Annette Gerritsen

Dutch speed skater
Date of Birth: 11.10.1985
Country: Netherlands

  1. Biography of Annette Gerritsen
  2. Early Career
  3. Olympic Disappointment
  4. Breakthrough and Olympic Silver
  5. Outside of Skating

Biography of Annette Gerritsen

Annette Gerritsen was born on October 11, 1985, in the town of Ilpendam, North Holland. She is a Dutch speed skater specializing in the 500 and 1000-meter races.

Annette Gerritsen

Early Career

Gerritsen's career in speed skating began in the 2004-2005 season when she won a bronze medal in the 500-meter race at the 2005 KNSB Dutch Single Distance Championships. She also achieved third place at the 2005 KNSB Dutch Sprint Championships and participated in the 2005 ISU World Sprint Championships, where she finished 17th.

Annette Gerritsen

Olympic Disappointment

The 2006 season proved to be a disappointment for Gerritsen as she participated in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, finishing 12th in the 500-meter race and 23rd in the 1000-meter race. However, she learned from this experience and improved her technique in the following year.

Breakthrough and Olympic Silver

In 2007, Gerritsen became the fastest speed skater in Denmark, surpassing Marian Timmer. She finished 7th overall at the World Sprint Championships and came in fourth in the 1000-meter race. On January 28, 2007, she won her first World Cup. However, her most notable victory came at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, where she won a silver medal in the 1000-meter race with a time of 1.16.58, just two hundredths of a second behind the gold medalist, Christine Nesbitt.

Outside of Skating

In her free time, Gerritsen is a dedicated student, studying sports management at the Johan Cruyff University in Amsterdam. To relax after intense training and exams, she enjoys dancing, photography, and, of course, shopping. Gerritsen is a passionate fashion enthusiast, which is natural for a 25-year-old woman.