Aslan Cherkesov

Aslan Cherkesov

Convicted of murder
Date of Birth: 02.06.1984
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Aslan Cherkesov
  2. Arrest and Trial
  3. Verdict and Sentencing

Biography of Aslan Cherkesov

Aslan Cherkesov, a native of Kabardino-Balkaria, was convicted for the murder of 28-year-old football fan and geodetic engineer Egor Sviridov. He was sentenced to 20 years in a maximum-security prison on October 28, 2011. Supporters of Cherkesov and Sviridov have conflicting accounts of the details of the conflict. The incident took place on December 6, 2010, late at night. Cherkesov and his friends had been sitting in a cafe for some time, and Aslan had a traumatic pistol with him, a 'Stream-2014'. Leaving the cafe, the group encountered Egor Sviridov and his friends at a bus stop. A fight broke out, during which Sviridov was injured multiple times. It is difficult to say exactly what caused the fight. Cherkesov's supporters claimed that the conflict started because of Sviridov's friend, Dmitry Petrochenko, who insulted Aslan and his companions. Cherkesov arrived at the scene slightly later and attempted to defend his friends by opening fire indiscriminately. However, according to the official version of the accusation, the fight was started by Nariman Ismailov. It was alleged that the group had decided to test their weapons on someone while still in the cafe, and Cherkesov opened fire after Ismailov started the fight. Aslan hit Dmitry Filatov twice, Sergey Gasparian six times, and Sviridov four times. The incident caused a huge resonance throughout the country, especially among football fans. On December 11, several thousand fans caused mass riots on Manezhnaya Square, which had to be suppressed with the help of riot police (OMON).

Aslan Cherkesov

Arrest and Trial

Aslan Cherkesov was arrested on December 8, and later his companions were also arrested by the police. The sixth member, Ramazan Utarbiev, was arrested only on March 7 in Makhachkala. In June 2011, the preliminary hearing for the case ended, and the main hearing was scheduled for August 5. The final session of the high-profile case attracted immense interest from the press, with a crowd gathering at the entrance to the courtroom as early as 11 a.m. Eventually, the victims, direct participants in the fight (Petrochenko, Gasparian, Dmitry Filatov, and Dmitry Kornakov), and Sviridov's widow, Yana Falaleeva, made up a group of fairly strong-looking young people. The courtroom also accommodated the "support group" of the defendants and, of course, journalists.

Verdict and Sentencing

Cherkesov was charged with five articles of the Russian Criminal Code, including murder out of hooliganism, attempted murder, causing minor bodily harm, theft, and hooliganism. Akaev, Arsibiev, Ismailov, Ibrahimov, and Utarbiev were only charged with two articles – intentional infliction of minor bodily harm and hooliganism. The prosecutors demanded a 23-year sentence for Cherkesov and 8 years for his companions. After reviewing the defendants' personal characteristics and mitigating circumstances, such as Cherkesov having a young child under his care, Judge Andrei Rasnovsky considered it reasonable to slightly mitigate the sentence. As a result, Aslan Cherkesov was found guilty of Sviridov's murder and sentenced to 20 years in a maximum-security prison. His five companions – Ismailov, Utarbiev, Hasan Ibrahimov, Artur Arsibiev, and Akai Akaev – received five years of general regime imprisonment. The sentence will be counted from the date of arrest, meaning Cherkesov has already served almost a year. Overall, the prosecution was satisfied with the verdict, while the defense claims that the punishment was excessively severe. In the future, Aslan will most likely appeal the court's decision, and his lawyers hope to succeed in reducing his sentence by 4-5 years.