Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Love story
Country: France

  1. The Story of Love
  2. Brigitte Trogneux's Biography
  3. Emmanuel Macron's Career

The Story of Love

On May 7, 2017, the media announced the name of the newly elected President of France - Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron. Not only Macron's political views, but also the fact that he was only thirty-nine and a half years old at the time of his election, making him the youngest head of state in the country's history, attracted special attention. At the same time, his wife Brigitte, or Bibi, could have entered the list of the most mature first ladies, as she celebrated her sixty-fourth birthday a month before the election. The love story of the presidential couple sparked a lot of discussions, primarily condemning. During the pre-election campaign, scandalous caricatures of them were published in the infamous magazine 'Charlie Hebdo'. However, Brigitte and Emmanuel managed to gracefully overcome all accusations and prove the strength and steadfastness of their love.

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Brigitte Trogneux's Biography

Brigitte Trogneux is a representative of a well-known dynasty of successful confectioners, with her family's annual income totaling about 4 million euros. However, she showed no interest in the family business. After finishing school, she worked as a press officer for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and then enrolled in university, where she studied languages and literature. In 1974, Brigitte married André Auzière, a banker. At that time, she was 21 years old, and her chosen one was 23. In 1975, the couple had a son named Sébastien, followed by a daughter named Laurence in 1977, and another daughter named Tiphaine in 1984. Brigitte became a Latin and French literature teacher at the prestigious religious high school "La Providence" in Amiens, and also led the school's theater studio.

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Once, a classmate of her daughter Laurence, Emmanuel Macron, the son of a renowned neurology professor and the idol of many schoolgirls, came to the theater studio. The production of a new play was struggling, with roles not being enough for all the interested students, and the young man offered to write a new script. The work dragged on, and Emmanuel and the head of the studio often communicated, including outside of school. For a while, it seemed that the young man had feelings for Laurence, but after some time, he openly declared his love for Brigitte and his desire to be with her. This caused a shock in the Macron and Auzière families, and their son was sent to Paris, where he began studying at the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV. However, he constantly called his beloved, sharing his thoughts and experiences, trying to convince her of his feelings. Two years later, on his eighteenth birthday, Emmanuel told his parents that he would marry Brigitte. Despite the strongly negative attitude of both the Macron and Auzière elders, the couple started living together. Emmanuel studied at university and then, dedicating himself to politics, graduated from the Institute of Political Studies and the National School of Administration. He worked as an inspector at the Ministry of Economy. Brigitte taught at a Parisian college and refused to enter into an official marriage. In 2006, Emmanuel finally persuaded his beloved woman to formalize their relationship, and she went through a difficult divorce process with her husband. They got married in 2007. By that time, their loved ones had reconciled with their unconventional union, and Macron established friendly relations with Brigitte's children.

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron's Career

Emmanuel's career took off rapidly. He worked with Jacques Attali in the Commission for Economic Growth Improvement and earned the nickname "financial Mozart" for his successful investment work at Rothschild Bank. In 2012, Macron became the deputy secretary-general under President Hollande, and in 2014, he was appointed the youngest Minister of Economy in the country's history. He became a public figure, and naturally, journalists began to pay a lot of attention to his family life. Macron publicly stated that they were an unusual but genuine couple, and the press started publishing their joint photos, in which the slim Brigitte was dressed in Dior and Louis Vuitton outfits. She also became a regular attendee at all significant cultural events in Paris.

In 2015, with Macron's participation, the economic growth law, named after him, was adopted, and in 2016, he announced that he would run for the presidency. Brigitte left her job and actively began to assist her husband. Just like many years ago in the theater studio, she directed his performances, wrote speeches, attended rallies and business meetings with him. Macron's popularity grew, but along with it came very sarcastic publications about him and his family relationships. The accusations were contradictory - someone claimed that Emmanuel was gay, while others argued that Brigitte seduced a boy back in high school, which affected his psyche. However, the presidential candidate held himself with dignity. In response to sharp questions from reporters, he stated that the modern world had not yet realized the place of women in society and accused his interviewers of homophobia and misogyny. Moreover, according to the politician, he owed a lot to his wife, and the decision not to have children was made together.

It is worth noting that Emmanuel has an excellent relationship not only with Brigitte's children but also with her grandchildren, who currently number seven. Many photographs show him together with the little ones, sometimes even holding a bottle of baby food in his hands. In his speech after the announcement of the voting results, Macron expressed gratitude to everyone who supported him, primarily his wife. The crowd started chanting "Brigitte!" and she came on stage. During the performance of the national anthem, the spouses held hands, and then Brigitte brought her husband's hand to her lips, greatly touching those present.

As for the program of the newly appointed First Lady, it includes dealing with the issues of education reform, especially for children with autism and other problems. Personnel and budget will be allocated for these purposes, but Brigitte herself will not receive a salary for her activities.