Bronislav Shvartse

Bronislav Shvartse

Polish revolutionary
Date of Birth: 07.10.1834
Country: Poland

  1. Biography of Bronisław Szwarce
  2. Involvement in the Uprising
  3. Imprisonment and Exile
  4. Later Years and Legacy

Biography of Bronisław Szwarce

Bronisław Szwarce was a Polish revolutionary and one of the leaders of the anti-Russian uprising in 1863. He was born in France to a Polish immigrant family, with his father being a participant in the 1830 uprising. In 1855, Szwarce graduated from the Ecole Centrale, a prestigious engineering school in Paris.

Involvement in the Uprising

By 1860, Szwarce was working on the construction of the Petersburg-Warsaw Railway. However, in the summer of 1862, he joined the illegal Central National Committee of the "Red" party and aligned himself with the left wing of the revolutionary-democratic movement. He advocated for radical agrarian reforms and the alliance with Russian revolutionaries. Shortly before the armed uprising began, on December 11, 1862, Szwarce was arrested in Warsaw, where he resisted arrest while being armed.

Imprisonment and Exile

On May 19, 1863, Szwarce was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to lifelong hard labor. From 1863 until 1870, he was imprisoned in the Shlisselburg Fortress, after which he was sent into exile in Siberia, specifically in the city of Tomsk. Despite his own difficult circumstances, Szwarce assisted other exiles in their escape attempts, which resulted in an extension of his own exile term.

Later Years and Legacy

In 1892, Szwarce was finally released from exile and went to live in Galicia. He resided in Krakow and Lvov. In 1893, he published a book of memoirs titled "Seven Years in Shlisselburg." A Russian translation of the book was published in St. Petersburg by the "Friend of the People" publishing house in 1906, but it was immediately confiscated and destroyed by the government. A second translation was released in Moscow in 1929 by the publishing house of the All-Union Society of Political Exiles and Deportees.

Bronisław Szwarce's life and activism serve as a testament to his dedication to the Polish cause and his unwavering commitment to revolution. Despite enduring years of imprisonment and exile, Szwarce's memoirs shed light on the realities of his time and the struggle for independence.