Cargill MacMillan

Cargill MacMillan

Billionaire, heir to Cargill Inc.
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Cargill MacMillan
  2. Early Beginnings
  3. Leading the Global Empire
  4. Global Presence
  5. Pioneering Programs

Biography of Cargill MacMillan

Cargill MacMillan is a billionaire and the heir of the multinational corporation Cargill Inc. He currently leads the global corporation as a representative of the fourth and fifth generations of the MacMillan family.

Early Beginnings

The history of Cargill Inc. is closely tied to the entrepreneurial brothers who were involved in selling grain storage elevators even before the Civil War. Over time, the company expanded its activities and diversified its product range.

Leading the Global Empire

Today, Cargill Inc. trades not only in grain and poultry but also in salt, beef, and metal. Cargill MacMillan's fortune is estimated to be worth several billion dollars, which has placed him, along with his brother, Whitney MacMillan, on Forbes' list of the 135 richest Americans.

Global Presence

Cargill Inc. is currently the largest global family business, with approximately $51 billion in annual profits and 97,000 employees. One unique feature of the company is its lack of publicly traded shares.

Pioneering Programs

Furthermore, Cargill Inc. was the first to implement professional training programs for its staff. The company's main subsidiaries include Caprock Industries Inc., Cargill Citro-America, Inc., Cargill Energy Corporation, Cargill Ferrous International, Cargill Fertilizer Inc., Cargill Investor Services Inc., Cargill Marine and Terminal, Inc., Cargill Technical Services, Excel Corporation, Hohenberg Bros. Company, Illinois Cereal Mills Inc., North Star Steel Co., Wilbur Chocolate Company Inc., Cargill Limited (Canada), Ralli Bros. and Coney (U.K.), and Seaforth Corn Mills (U.K.).

Overall, Cargill MacMillan's leadership and the expansion of Cargill Inc. have made it one of the most successful and influential corporations in the world.