Carina Zampini

Carina Zampini

Argentine actress.
Date of Birth: 12.09.1975
Country: Argentina

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Biography of Karina Zampini

Karina Zampini is an Argentine actress who has been involved in the world of acting since childhood. Born into a middle-class family, she began her acting career at the age of 9, participating in various theatrical productions. To support herself and her family, she worked various jobs such as a hostess, a bag packer, a salesperson, and a cashier.

Although she initially faced rejection due to her age and appearance, Karina's talent was eventually noticed, and she was invited to audition for the TV series "Unknowns." This opportunity opened the door to her fantastic career in Argentine television.

Karina gained recognition and popularity through her role as Carla Lusero in the TV series "Girls Forever." She portrayed the cunning character so brilliantly that her role was extended for a year and a half. This role earned her the Martin Fierro Award, her first major acting accolade.

Throughout her career, Karina has played both positive and negative characters, but she was most associated with playing villains. She continued to impress audiences with her diverse performances in series such as "Gasoleros," "Calientes," and "Luna Salvaje."

In 2012, Karina starred in the immensely popular series "Sweet Love," where she captivated audiences with her passionate chemistry with Sebastian Estevanez. Her portrayal of Victoria, a strong and determined businesswoman, won her the hearts of viewers across Argentina.

Karina's success continued with roles in series like "Collar de Esmeraldas," "Mujeres de Nadie," and "Malparida." Her performances earned her critical acclaim and multiple awards, including another Martin Fierro Award.

In 2013, the final episode of "Sweet Love" aired, attracting massive audiences and showcasing Karina's immense popularity. The series had been followed by passionate fans throughout the country.

Following the success of "Sweet Love," Karina was invited to star alongside Sebastian Estevanez once again in the upcoming series "Camino al Amor," set to be released in 2014.

Outside of her acting career, Karina is a devoted mother to her son Manuel. She is also supported and loved by her mother and three brothers - Damian, Pablo, and Gabriel.

Source: Miklina Elena.