Carla Del Poggio

Carla Del Poggio

Italian actress.
Date of Birth: 02.12.1925
Country: Italy

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Biography of Carla Del Poggetto

Carla Del Poggetto was an Italian actress. She was born into the family of Colonel Ugo Attanazio, who retired in the late 1940s and became an actor, appearing in several films alongside his daughter. Carla Del Poggetto graduated from the Experimental Film Center in Rome and began her career on the theatrical stage in 1946. She achieved success in performances based on the works of Oscar Wilde, Alberto Moravia, and Eduardo De Filippo.


Carla Del Poggetto made her debut in the lead role of Maddalena Lenci in Vittorio De Sica's drama "Maddalena, Zero for Conduct" in 1940. In 1945, she married the renowned film director Alberto Lattuada, and it was in his films that she played her most famous roles. She portrayed Maria in "Bitter Rice" (1947), Angela in "Without Pity" (1948), Berta in the adaptation of R. Bacchelli's novel "Mill on the Po" (1949), and Liliana Antonelli in Federico Fellini and Alberto Lattuada's film "Variety Lights" (1950).

During the post-war years, Carla Del Poggetto appeared in many films of the neorealist movement, working with directors such as A. Lattuada, P. Germi, G. De Santis, L. Zampa, M. Camerini, and F. Fellini. Her last appearance on the big screen was in the film "The Wanderers" (1956) directed by Ugo Fregonese.

In 1955, Carla Del Poggetto made a successful debut on the stage of Teatro San Ferdinando in Naples. She continued to appear on television until 1967 when she decided to retire from the theater and film industry to fully dedicate herself to her family.


Carla Del Poggetto's filmography includes:
- "Maddalena, Zero for Conduct" (1940)
- "The Garibaldian in the Convent" (1942)
- "Tragic Hunt" (1947)
- "Variety Lights" (1950)
- "Wolves Hunt at Night" (1952)
- "The Secret of Helen Marimon" (1954)
- "Rome, 11 O'Clock" (1954)