Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews

Date of Birth: 15.10.1942
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Chris Andrews
  2. Early Career
  3. Composer and Songwriter
  4. Breakthrough with "Yesterday Man"
  5. Later Career
  6. Continued Success in Europe

Biography of Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews, a singer, was born on October 15, 1942, in Romford, a town in the county of Essex, England.

Early Career

In the early 1960s, Andrews formed a group called Chris Ravel & The Ravers. Similar to The Beatles and many other British bands, they performed in clubs in the famous city of Hamburg, gradually honing their skills.

Composer and Songwriter

Andrews soon established himself as a composer and songwriter. He wrote songs for notable British singers of the time, including Sandy Shaw, one of the most successful young British female vocalists of the early 1960s, and Adam Faith, a British singer and actor. Many of his songs for them reached the top ten of the British charts.

Breakthrough with "Yesterday Man"

However, Andrews gained more fame with his own song, "Yesterday Man," which he recorded in 1965 and reached the third position on the charts. The song was extremely popular at the time.

Later Career

Until 1967, Andrews actively tried to achieve further success, but his subsequent singles only achieved modest chart positions. His last British single, "Pretty Belinda," was released in 1969 but failed to chart. By this time, he was largely forgotten in Britain, but he continued to be remembered and respected on the continent.

Continued Success in Europe

In the 1970s, Andrews performed and recorded in Europe, particularly in Germany, and dreamed of being remembered in his home country. However, all his attempts to regain popularity in Britain were unsuccessful. Currently, he alternates between living in London and Dortmund.