Colin Tapley

Colin Tapley

British actor
Date of Birth: 07.05.1907
Country: New Zealand

  1. Biographical information about Colin Tapley
  2. Military Service and Post-War Life
  3. Acting Career and Later Life

Biographical information about Colin Tapley

Colin Tapley was a British actor born in 1907 in Dunedin, New Zealand. In 1930, he moved to England and joined the Royal Air Force. He participated in Richard Byrd's expeditions to Antarctica. After his military service, Tapley entered a talent competition called 'Paramount Pictures' and won a contract with the studio. He made his film debut in 1934 and appeared in eight films that year. Tapley was known for his joyful nature and wrote cheerful letters to his family, describing his roles, costumes, and the filming process. Although his early roles were not significant, Tapley was pleased with his career in the film industry.

Colin Tapley

Military Service and Post-War Life

During World War II, Tapley began his service in the Royal Canadian Air Force before being transferred to the British Army. After being demobilized in 1945, he decided to start a new life and opened a business in Wanaka, New Zealand. Tapley was married to Patricia 'Patsy' Lyon, whom he met in England during the war. However, he soon grew tired of his peaceful life and returned to the world of show business. The family moved to Hollywood, where Tapley was personally given a role by legendary producer Cecil B. DeMille in his film 'Samson and Delilah', which won an Oscar.

Acting Career and Later Life

Tapley's career as an actor restarted in 1949. However, he and his family decided to live in England, where they relocated once again. Tapley continued to act in British cinema, although he did not receive many significant roles. He appeared in a variety of films, from horror movies to serious dramas. He played notable roles in Michael Anderson's war film 'The Dam Busters' in 1955 and the fantasy film 'Blood of the Vampire' directed by Henry Cass in 1958. His last on-screen appearance was in the 1969 war drama 'Fräulein Doktor'. Throughout his career, Tapley played approximately eighty roles. His most famous character is considered to be William Glanville in Michael Anderson's 'The Dam Busters' in 1955.

After retiring from the film industry, Tapley settled in Coates, Gloucestershire, with his wife. He lived there until the age of 88. Colin Tapley passed away on December 1, 1995, and was buried in his hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand.