David Banks

David Banks

American rower, 2008 Olympic participant
Date of Birth: 30.08.1983
Country: USA

Biography of David Banks

David Banks, born on August 30, 1983, in Maryland, is an American rower and a participant in the 2008 Olympics. He grew up in a family of three children, with his older brother Adam working as a judge in California and his sister Lauren studying at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a degree in military medicine.

After attending Winston Churchill High School, Banks went on to study at Stanford University, where he graduated in 2005 with a degree in Urban Studies. Following his graduation, Banks decided to stay in Princeton and work in the field of construction management. Despite his success in rowing, he has a strong passion for construction and plans to pursue a career in urban planning once his rowing career comes to an end.

Banks discovered his love for rowing during his time at Stanford. Previously, he had been involved in basketball and cycling, but it was through an invitation from his university friend that he found his true calling in rowing. In 2008, Banks joined the national team and won the World Championship in Lucerne with his teammates, who will also be competing together at the Beijing Olympics later that year.

Currently, Banks is actively preparing for the upcoming Olympics and is training at the USRowing Training Center. In his rare free hours, he enjoys spending time with his family, whom he considers to be his closest and most influential people. He also has a love for reading good books, listening to various genres of music, and occasionally watching movies, with his favorites being "Coming to America," "Braveheart," "Glory," and "The Godfather."

In addition to rowing, basketball holds a special place in Banks' life, and he devotes a significant amount of time to the sport whenever he has the opportunity.