David Korner

David Korner

Romanian and French Trotskyist, trade unionist and journalist.
Date of Birth: 19.10.1914
Country: France

  1. Biography of David Korner
  2. Early Life and Activism
  3. Trotskyism and International Activities
  4. Formation of Trotskyist Group
  5. Trade Union and Activism
  6. Relationship with "Voix Ouvrière"

Biography of David Korner

David Korner (also known as Albert Barta) was a Romanian and French Trotskyist, trade union activist, and journalist. He was an active participant in the French labor movement from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Early Life and Activism

Korner was born on October 19, 1914, in Romania, into a Jewish family. In 1932-1933, he was a member of the Romanian Communist Party. In 1933, along with George Georgiu-Dej and Constantin Donche, he was convicted by the Bucharest court for his active involvement in the railway strike of 1933 and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Trotskyism and International Activities

While studying in Paris in 1934, Korner joined the Trotskyist movement. After returning to Romania in April 1935, he founded the Bolshevik-Leninist Group of Romania. With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and the June strikes of 1936 in France, Korner returned to Paris and became a member of the International Workers' Party.

Formation of Trotskyist Group

Following Trotsky's advice to his French supporters, Korner joined the French section of the Workers' International (SFIO). When SFIO ceased to exist at the beginning of World War II, Korner formed a Trotskyist group that criticized the practices of other Trotskyist organizations towards major socialist parties. During the Nazi occupation, the group operated underground and later reemerged as the Communist Union (Trotskyist) after the war.

Trade Union and Activism

The Trotskyist group focused on factory work and regularly published its own propaganda materials, advocating against France's colonial policies. The group participated in the Renault strike in 1947, collaborating with the newly formed Democratic Union of Renault. The two organizations effectively merged, but when the union dissolved in 1949, it had a negative impact on the group. It briefly reemerged in 1950.

Relationship with "Voix Ouvrière"

In 1956, when several former members of the Trotskyist group started publishing the bulletin "Voix Ouvrière" (Worker's Voice), Korner did not participate. Although Pierre Boué, the leader of "Voix Ouvrière," offered him to join in late 1964, tensions remained between Korner and the leaders of the publication. He believed that the group unjustly claimed the results of his work, and he disagreed with their methods.

David Korner passed away on September 6, 1976, leaving behind a legacy of activism, trade unionism, and Trotskyist ideals.