Dmitry Nesterov

Dmitry Nesterov

Singer, actor
Country: Russia

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Biography of Dmitry Nesterov

Childhood and Youth

Singer and TV presenter Dmitry Nesterov, often referred to as "our Joe Dassin" by his fans, is known for his velvet baritone voice and his talent in both lyrical and upbeat songs. He was born in August 1980 in the Russian capital and grew up in a cultured Moscow family. His father was an inventor, while his mother, an economist, took care of the home and surrounded their loved ones with warmth and care. As a child, Dmitry's main interest was the world of fauna. He would bring home birds and animals he found on the streets, often exchanging or purchasing them. His parents believed he would become a veterinarian or zoologist. Initially, everything seemed to be leading in that direction. However, after receiving his school certificate, Dmitry secretly enrolled in the acting department of the Institute of Contemporary Art, hiding this fact from his father. Nesterov's passion for the arts and music led him to become a student at the State Institute of Theater Arts, where he honed his skills in popular vocal music. It was there that he caught the attention of Stas Namin, who invited him to join his theater. While studying, Dmitry also worked at "Radio ROX," where his voice won the hearts of listeners. Soon, he was given his own program. Nesterov's vocal talent was recognized and awarded at the Boris Brunov Pop Art Competition.

Dmitry Nesterov


Dmitry Nesterov's talent was noticed by Alla Pugacheva, and his original songs made it onto the Primadonna competition and "Radio Alla." The Russian pop star called Dmitry the "secret weapon of our pop music." Soon, his compositions were played on other radio stations and became soundtracks for films. His song "Moscow Winter," performed by Nesterov, made it to the Billboard charts. The lyrical composition impressed director Nikita Mikhalkov, who invited the musician to the Moscow International Film Festival. It was there that Dmitry met the "Buranovskiye Babushki" (Buranovo Grannies), which became a fateful encounter. Meanwhile, Nesterov's repertoire was constantly expanding, including retro hits by Alexander Vertinsky, Pyotr Leshchenko, and Vadim Kozin. In 2014, his debut album "I Just Have to Be with You" was released, followed by a music video for the title song, which aired on various music channels. Director Pavel Khudyakov also created a video for Nesterov's song "Hello."

Dmitry Nesterov

Later on, the artist confessed that it took him a long time to find his own style. However, in 2016, his hit song "I'm 18 Again" was released, which defined the direction of his future work. The song received numerous covers, including one featuring the "Buranovskiye Babushki."

Dmitry realized that he needed to write about what was close to him. His repertoire includes songs about everyday life, as well as songs about his homeland, war, and patriotism. All of them were warmly received by his fans, who support him in all his endeavors.

In 2018, listeners welcomed his decision to participate in the seventh season of "The Voice" competition. That same year, Nesterov became a participant in the international festival "Moscow Spring A Cappella," where he received the Audience Choice award.

In the following years, Dmitry regularly released new songs, including collaborations with other popular artists such as Valery Syutkin, Rodion Gazmanov, and Anastasia Rainskaya. In 2022, he released music videos for hits like "Shashlychok" and "Life is a Persimmon."

Personal Life

In his youth, Dmitry was married, but the relationship with his chosen one was complicated as they both betrayed each other, which inspired him to write the song "Betrayal." Later, Dmitry had several short-lived romances, one of which inspired him to create the track "My Watermelon." In a 2017 interview, Nesterov admitted that he had found love with a girl whose name he preferred not to disclose. Currently, he prefers not to comment on his personal life.

Dmitry Nesterov Today

The artist continues to create music. In 2023, he released a music video for the song "I Adore You." A significant event in his creative biography was his concert "I'm 18 Again," accompanied by a symphony orchestra, held at the Moscow House of Cinema. The program featured both new songs and hits. Many colleagues from the industry, including the group "Balagan Limited" and pianist Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, came to support Dmitry.