Edward Molyneux

Edward Molyneux

British fashion designer
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Edward Molyneux
  2. Personal Life
  3. World War II and Later Career
  4. Return to Fashion

Biography of Edward Molyneux

Edward Molyneux was a renowned British fashion designer, beloved and respected by many prominent figures such as Greta Garbo, Gertrude Lawrence, Margaret Lington, and Vivien Leigh. He even served as an inspiration and mentor to Dior and Pierre Balmain. In the past, this celebrated British designer created the popular fashion house known as Maison Molyneux, which enjoyed great success from 1919 to 1950.

Personal Life

Edward Molyneux led a rather ordinary personal life. He was married multiple times; in 1921, he married one of the daughters of the famous James Dunsmuir, the Premier of British Columbia. However, they divorced after a year. He remarried later on. For some time, Molyneux collaborated with the British designer Lucile as an illustrator, creating exquisite sketches. However, in 1919, he opened his own fashion house in Paris, which quickly gained immense popularity among high society.

World War II and Later Career

During World War II, Edward Molyneux relocated his company to London and returned to Paris only in 1946. Notably, he also served in the military during the war, fighting in the infantry of the British Army. During one of the battles, he was wounded and lost an eye. In 1950, the designer left Maison Molyneux and turned his attention to painting. During this period, Jacques Griffe, a talented designer, took over the fashion house.

Return to Fashion

However, Edward Molyneux eventually returned to the fashion industry in 1964 when he opened Studio Molyneux, which specialized in producing high-quality ready-to-wear clothing. Although Molyneux himself did not remain with the studio for long, leaving in 1969, the fashion enterprise continued to function until 1977, with Edward's cousin, John Tullis, at its helm. Edward Molyneux passed away in 1974, but his legacy lives on. The Molyneux brand is currently owned by a French company, which once produced famous fragrances such as Captain (1975), Quartz (1978), Le Chic, Vivre, and I Love You.