Eric Forkosh

Eric Forkosh

American entrepreneur and roboticist, founder and head of the company 'Narobo'.
Country: USA

Biography of Eric Forkosh


Eric Forkosh is an American entrepreneur and robotics engineer, known as the founder and CEO of 'Narobo', a robotics company.

Early Interest in Robotics

Forkosh began his journey in robotics out of pure curiosity. What started as a hobby soon turned into a serious pursuit when Forkosh realized the potential of his creations to benefit others. He later started consulting other developers and spent a significant amount of time working with various groups of robotics enthusiasts.

Current Projects

Currently, Forkosh is working on a project called 'Bus Alert!' This new creation is a small device that uses radio signals to alert students and their parents about the imminent arrival of the school bus. The idea for this project came to Forkosh after he spent 15 minutes waiting in the cold, only to find out that the bus had already left. Apart from leading his own company, Forkosh is also simultaneously working on a series of small independent projects.

Living in New York

Forkosh currently resides in New York City. In addition to running his company, he actively participates in various major competitions and conferences. His 'Bus Alert' project recently earned him another first-place prize in a business project competition. The product is nearing completion and will soon be introduced to schools, with at least one school already expressing interest.

Balance with Education

While being a young entrepreneur comes with challenges, Forkosh recognizes the importance of education and does not neglect his studies. He attends classes during the day and works on new inventions at night. Although it can be tough, Forkosh manages to maintain a demanding schedule.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Through his experiences, Forkosh has learned that creating a brilliant invention is just the beginning; the real challenge lies in selling it. He prefers to distance himself from supply and resale questions, relying on external projects to handle those aspects. Being a young entrepreneur, Forkosh has faced skepticism from some adult colleagues, but he lets his achievements speak for themselves.

Early Robotic Creations

Among all his creations, Forkosh holds a special place for his first robot, which he built at the age of 14. At 15, he released a second version of the robot named 'Chives'. This unique electronic butler could respond to voice commands, navigate a designated area, speak, and even pour drinks. It also had a built-in mini-fridge to store beverages.

Lessons Learned

Throughout his journey, Forkosh has received valuable advice from adults, with the most impactful being "measure seven times, cut once." He emphasizes the importance of meticulous planning and thorough preparation when it comes to designing and building robots. Forkosh's practice shows that after 60 hours of planning and development, a robot can be assembled in just 5 hours.