Eve Kivi

Eve Kivi

Soviet and Estonian actress.
Date of Birth: 05.08.1938
Country: Estonia

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Biography of Eve Kivi

Soviet and Estonian Actress

Eve Kivi is a Soviet and Estonian actress who began her career in the 1950s. She graduated from the Theater Studio at the State Academic Drama Theater named after V. Kingissepp in 1959. Kivi has appeared in numerous films since 1955 and is known for her versatile acting skills.

Personal Life

Eve Kivi was married to Ants Antson, an Estonian actor, and they have a son born in 1968. In some films, she is credited as Kivi-Antson, using her husband's last name. Kivi has also maintained a long-standing relationship with the American bard Dean Reed.


After graduating from the theater studio, Kivi joined the film industry and became a member of the Tallinnfilm Studio in 1982. She has appeared in a wide range of films, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress.


- "On the Outskirts" (1957) as Roosi
- "Captain of the First Rank" (1959) as Valya
- "Sampo" (1959) as Anniki
- "On the Eve" (1959) as Zoya
- "Mischievous Curves" (1959) as Nurse Evi
- "Friend of the Song" (1961) as Aime
- "Dangerous Curves" (1961) as Evi
- "Baltic Sky" (1961) as Hilda
- "You're Not an Orphan" (1962) as a mother searching for her daughter
- "713 Requests Permission to Land" (1962) as a stewardess
- "Tobago Changes Course" (1966) as Alisa
- "The Last Relic" (1969) as Ursula
- "Fate of a Resident" (1970) as Rimma
- "The Man in the Courtyard" (1971) as Kristina
- "Don Juan in Tallinn" (1971) as Isabella
- "Ruslan and Ludmila" (1972) as a fisherman's lover
- "Small Requiem for a Harmonica" (1972) as Kristina
- "Your Home Address" (1972) as Irma
- "Paradise Apples" (1973) as Anna
- "What a Smile You Have" (1975) as Mama
- "It Can't Be!" (1975) as a guest, Ivan Israelovich's wife (in the novella "Wedding Incident")
- "The Life and Death of Ferdinand Lus" (1976) as Eugenie Shornbach
- "SOS over the Taiga" (1976) as Laima
- "There Are No Special Signs" (1978) as Aldona, Dzerzhinsky's sister
- "The Ideal Husband" (1980) as Countess Basildon
- "The Amsterdam Ring" (1981) as a foreign intelligence officer
- "On the Pomegranate Islands" (1981) as Inga
- "The Fall of the Condor" (1982) as the dictator's lover
- "At the Dangerous Borderline" (1983) as a lady in the restaurant
- "These Old Love Letters" (1992)
- "Fiery Water" (1994) as Lulu

In addition to her film career, Kivi also worked as a television host for the Estonian 2 channel.