Evgeniy Flaviy

Evgeniy Flaviy

Roman emperor in 392-394.
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Eugenius
  2. Rise to Power
  3. Downfall

Biography of Eugenius

Eugenius was a Roman emperor from 392 to 394 AD. Initially, he worked as a grammarian, teaching Roman literature. However, he eventually left his teaching position and joined the court military service, becoming the emperor's secretary.

Rise to Power

Eugenius gained respect for his eloquence and charisma. Unable to contain his ambition, he managed to win over the military commander Arbogast, a man known for his fierce and cruel nature. Together, they plotted to seize supreme power. After the young emperor Valentinian II was killed on Arbogast's orders, Eugenius was proclaimed emperor. Some historians claim that Eugenius was a pagan, as he granted significant freedom to the influential Roman senator Flavian, who was a known supporter of paganism. Flavian restored the worship of not only Roman gods but also foreign deities, while Eugenius returned to the Roman pagans all the temple property that had been confiscated by previous emperors.


Eugenius' fate heavily relied on the reaction of the Eastern emperor Theodosius to the coup. After Valentinian's death, Theodosius received Eugenius' ambassadors with respect, but his response was ambiguous and uncertain. Without openly violating peace, Theodosius began gathering troops and invaded the Western Roman Empire in 394. Eugenius and Arbogast awaited him in Gaul, in the foothills of the Alps, near the Frigidus River. On the first day of battle, Eugenius' soldiers managed to push back the enemy forces, which included a large number of barbarians fighting for Theodosius. However, on the following day, when the battle resumed, Theodosius achieved a complete victory. It is said that Eugenius, begging for mercy, threw himself at Theodosius' feet, but in front of his eyes, he was beheaded by the soldiers.