Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple

Singer, pianist, composer
Date of Birth: 13.09.1976
Country: USA

Biography of Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is a singer, pianist, and composer, known for her unique vocal style that is reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Alanis Morissette. However, she is much more subtle and refined in her artistry. Apple started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and declared that she would become a famous singer.

In 1995, Fiona Apple recorded a demo tape featuring three compositions, which eventually caught the attention of the renowned producer Andrew Slater. Impressed by her nervous and highly depressive songs, Slater invited Apple to his studio. After reaching an agreement to record an album, Slater asked Apple to write the remaining songs for the album. By spring 1996, the album "Tidal" was complete.

It is worth noting that Slater's previous experience as a producer (working with The Wallflowers, where Bob Dylan's son plays) had a negative impact on the preparation of Apple's album. The songs on "Tidal" suffer from excessive length, lack of prominent rhythm section in some parts, and a lack of ease and naturalness in all the compositions. However, most of the singer's fans perceive these flaws as undeniable strengths. Another significant factor was the involvement of the famous composer Van Dyke Parks, who arranged the string sections for several tracks on "Tidal".

In July 1996, "Tidal" was released and immediately garnered attention from major music agencies and the press. Apple's photograph appeared on the covers of publications such as "Rolling Stone," "Time," and "The New York Times." Within a few months, she was touring with Chris Isaak and The Counting Crows. After appearing on MTV's "120 Minutes" and performing on "Saturday Night Live," the album "Tidal" was nominated for a Grammy, and the song "Shadowboxer" entered the national Top 10 charts.

Today, Fiona Apple is often compared to Nina Simone and Carole King. Her debut album, "Tidal," remained in the top part of the American charts for over a year.