Fridrih Neznansky

Fridrih Neznansky

Lawyer, publicist, writer
Date of Birth: 27.09.1932
Country: Belarus

Biography of Friedrich Neznansky

Friedrich Neznansky, a lawyer, publicist, and writer, was born on September 27, 1932, in Zhuravichi, Belarus. However, he only lived there for two months before his childhood was spent in Moscow and Sverdlovsk. Neznansky completed his education at the Mytishchi 11th School in Moscow Oblast in 1950. After that, he enrolled in the Moscow Law Institute and graduated in 1954. He was then assigned to the prosecutor's office in Krasnodar Krai, where he worked as an investigator in the Staro-Minsk and Tikhoretsk districts until 1957.

In 1957, Neznansky returned to Moscow and worked as a scientific secretary at the Research Institute of Construction. He later became a court bailiff in the Sverdlovsky district and eventually returned to the prosecutor's office in Moscow Oblast. From 1960 to 1969, he worked at the Moscow City Prosecutor's Office and became a member of the Moscow City Collegium of Advocates from 1969 to 1977.

On September 27, 1977, Neznansky emigrated and settled in the United States in 1978. He initially worked in various jobs such as a guard and security officer. He also taught at Columbia University, Harvard University, and New York University. Neznansky wrote five monographs, with his most significant work focusing on directive law in the Soviet Union. He worked as a journalist for Radio Liberty and wrote for three immigrant newspapers. He also produced alternative works for the National Television System (NTS) after joining the Union in 1979.

In 1985, Neznansky moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where he currently works at the NTS Center and the publishing house and journal "Posev." He was the first Russian author to be accepted into the Edgar Allan Poe Writers Club in the United States and was recognized as a "man of achievements" by the International Biographical Center in 1986.

Neznansky's detective novels are based entirely on the Soviet life experience, and he categorizes himself as part of the "anti-totalitarian branch of Russian literature." Despite living and writing abroad since 1977, he remains rooted in Russian literature. His novels are "grounded" in the political situation of the country, populated by familiar names of high-ranking officials and military leaders. Neznansky works in the genre of "faction," blending fact and fiction. He has the rare ability to feel and understand the political atmosphere of the country, often predicting the course of events. As an emigrant writer, he is free from internal censorship and fearlessly exposes real historical figures, including those who are currently influential.

Neznansky's novels, such as "Pandora's Box," go beyond the immediate present and envision future events, often blending reality with imagination. Although his novels do not claim to be literary masterpieces, they possess undeniable artistic merits. As a best-selling author, Neznansky's novels fulfill the reader's need for such reading material.

In summary, Friedrich Neznansky is a distinguished writer whose detective novels are based on the Soviet life experience. He has achieved international recognition and success, with his books being published in twelve languages and appearing on bestseller lists in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Despite living abroad, Neznansky remains deeply connected to Russian literature and is known for his ability to accurately depict the political atmosphere and predict future events in his novels.