Fritz Hlarman

Fritz Hlarman

Date of Birth: 25.10.1879
Country: Germany

  1. German Serial Killer: "The Blue Killer"
  2. Suspicions and Arrest
  3. A Disturbing Confession
  4. Biography of Fritz Harmann

German Serial Killer: "The Blue Killer"

In May 1924, a human skull was found on the river Leine, near a factory on the outskirts of Hanover. The discovery led to a search for more remains, which lasted for about two weeks. During this time, five more skulls were found in the same location. Forensic examination revealed that all of the skulls belonged to young men, aged no older than 20, and were separated from their skeletons with a sharp weapon. This led the criminal investigation to believe that the murders were sexually motivated, and that the killer could be found within the homosexual community.

Suspicions and Arrest

Several individuals, including Fritz Harmann, a 45-year-old homosexual known for dealing in stolen goods, came under suspicion. Shortly after, Harmann was arrested and confessed to the crimes under the weight of evidence against him. A large number of human bones, belonging to 24 victims according to experts, were discovered in the river at the location indicated by Harmann. The perpetrator was unable to recall how many people he had subjected to torturous deaths, which he accompanied with carefree laughter.

A Disturbing Confession

"I did not want to kill anyone," Harmann insisted during interrogations. "We were making love, and due to intense excitement, I would lose consciousness. Then, in the morning, I would wake up to find a corpse with a severed throat next to me." Psychiatrists identified symptoms of vampirism in the actions of the maniac. Despite doubts about the defendant's mental sanity, Harmann was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to death.

Biography of Fritz Harmann

Fritz Harmann was born on October 25, 1879, in Hanover, Germany. Not much is known about his early life or upbringing. He gained notoriety as a serial killer and was given the nickname "The Blue Killer" due to his victims' bodies being dumped in the river Leine. Harmann was known to engage in homosexual activities and was involved in the illegal trade of stolen goods.

He came under suspicion during the investigation into the discovery of human remains in the river Leine in May 1924. Following his arrest, Harmann confessed to the murders, claiming that the killings occurred during sexual encounters that led to his loss of consciousness. He described his gruesome acts, including scalping and dismembering his victims, with disturbing laughter.

Psychiatrists identified signs of vampirism in Harmann's actions, although there were doubts about his mental state. Despite these concerns, he was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to death. Harmann's case remains one of the most notorious and chilling in German criminal history.