Fu Mingxia

Fu Mingxia

Chinese athlete, Olympic-level professional diver
Date of Birth: 16.08.1978
Country: China

  1. Biography of Fu Mingxia
  2. Early Life and Training
  3. Early Success
  4. Olympic Achievements
  5. Later Career and Retirement

Biography of Fu Mingxia

Fu Mingxia is a Chinese athlete and professional Olympic-level diver. By the age of 22, she had already achieved remarkable success in the sport. With several World Championships and three highly successful Olympics under her belt, Fu had established herself as one of the most impressive divers of her time.

Fu Mingxia

Early Life and Training

Fu was born in Wuhan, Hubei, China. She began swimming at a young age, with her father as her first coach. At the age of 5, Fu started practicing gymnastics, but later switched to diving. When she was only 9 years old, Fu left her hometown and went to train in Beijing.

Fu Mingxia

Early Success

In 1990, Fu competed in the Goodwill Games in Seattle, where she won the gold medal in the 10-meter platform diving event. The following year, at the age of 12, she became the youngest world champion in the history of all known sports at the World Swimming Championships.

Fu Mingxia

Olympic Achievements

In 1992, at the Barcelona Olympics, Fu became the youngest Olympic champion in Chinese history by winning the gold medal in the 10-meter platform diving event at the age of 13. This achievement led to a change in the age limit for Olympic competitions. In 1996, at the Atlanta Olympics, Fu won two gold medals in both the 10-meter platform and 3-meter springboard diving events.

Fu Mingxia

Later Career and Retirement

In 2000, Fu participated in her third Olympics in Sydney, Australia, where she won the gold medal in the 3-meter springboard diving event. She also competed in synchronized diving with her teammate Gu Jingjing, earning a silver medal. Fu's career spanned five different disciplines at three different Olympics.

After retiring from diving at the age of 22, Fu got married to Anthony Leung, the former financial secretary of the Hong Kong government, in 2002. They have three children together. In recognition of her outstanding achievements in the sport, Fu was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2005.