George Ezekiel Kerr

George Ezekiel Kerr

Jamaican track and field athlete
Date of Birth: 16.10.1937
Country: Jamaica

  1. Biography of George Kerr
  2. Early Career
  3. Pan American Games Success
  4. Olympic Success and Records
  5. Continued Success
  6. Later Career
  7. Championship Titles

Biography of George Kerr

George Kerr is a Jamaican athlete who achieved great success in the field of athletics. He was born on August 9, 1937, in Saint Ann, Jamaica. Kerr is best known for his accomplishments in the 800-meter race and the 4x400-meter relay.

Early Career

George Kerr's journey in athletics began at a young age, and he quickly showed his potential. At the age of 19, he made his first appearance at the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956. He competed in the 400-meter race and the 4x400-meter relay. Although he did not advance to the semi-finals in the individual event, his team was disqualified due to Kerr interfering with a runner from the unified German team in the relay.

Pan American Games Success

In 1959, at the Pan American Games in Chicago, George Kerr won two gold medals. He emerged victorious in the 400-meter race and the 4x400-meter relay. This success showcased his talent and raised his profile in the athletics world.

Olympic Success and Records

George Kerr's greatest achievements came at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. He won two bronze medals, one in the 800-meter race and another in the 4x400-meter relay. Notably, Kerr set an Olympic record in the semi-finals of the 800 meters, with a time of 1:47.1.

Continued Success

In 1962, George Kerr continued his winning streak at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Kingston. He became a three-time champion in the 400-meter race, 800-meter race, and the 4x400-meter relay. Later that year, Kerr participated in the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Perth, where he won gold in the 440-yard race and a silver medal in the 880-yard race.

Later Career

George Kerr competed in his third Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. This time, he finished fourth in both the 800-meter race and the 4x400-meter relay. In 1966, at the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Kerr won a bronze medal in the 880-yard race.

Championship Titles

In addition to his Olympic and Commonwealth Games success, George Kerr also excelled in the championships of the West Indies Federation. He became a five-time champion, winning the 800-meter race three times (1957, 1959, 1960), as well as the 400-meter race (1959) and the 1500-meter race (1964).

George Kerr's achievements in athletics have solidified his place as one of Jamaica's greatest athletes. His records and medals demonstrate his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.