groupe Mayhem

groupe Mayhem

Rock band
Country: Norway

  1. The Biography of Mayhem
  2. Early Years and Demos
  3. New Lineup and International Recognition
  4. Continuation and Album Release
  5. Later Years and Departures

The Biography of Mayhem

Mayhem is a Norwegian black metal band that was formed in 1984 by a group of teenagers. The original members included Necro Butcher (Jørn Stabberrud) on bass, Mannheim on drums, and Destructor (Øystein Aarseth) on guitar. However, Destructor soon changed his name to Euronymous and became known by that name.

groupe Mayhem

Early Years and Demos

The band initially started by performing cover songs, with a preference for the music of bands like Venom and Celtic Frost. Over time, they began to write and record their own material. In 1986, with vocalist Messiah, they released their first demo, titled "Pure Fucking Armageddon." Despite its poor recording quality, Mayhem managed to present this as one of their strengths.

groupe Mayhem

After the release of the demo, Messiah left the band, and they recruited Sven Erik Kristiansen, also known as Maniac, as their new vocalist. Maniac joined Mayhem for the recording of their second demo, "Voice of a Tortured Skull," before also departing. Around the same time, Mannheim decided to leave the band as well.

New Lineup and International Recognition

By 1988, Mayhem had found a new vocalist in Swedish musician Pelle Ohlin, known as Dead, and a new drummer in Jan Axel Blomberg, also known as Hellhammer. With these additions, Mayhem's sound became even more black metal. During this period, the band gained international recognition for their live performances, which included the presence of animal remains and Dead's self-harming actions.

However, Dead's fascination with self-harm ultimately led to his tragic death in April 1991. He committed suicide by cutting his own wrists and shooting himself in the head with a shotgun, a gift from his bandmate, Varg Vikernes of Burzum. Following this incident, Necro Butcher also left the band, leaving two vacancies to be filled.

Continuation and Album Release

Mayhem recruited Occultus (Stian Johannsen) as a temporary replacement, but he left the band after a few weeks. They then invited Vikernes to play bass and Attila from the Hungarian band Tormentor as their vocalist for the recording sessions. The resulting album, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas," was released in September 1993.

Tragedy struck again when Euronymous was murdered by Vikernes in August 1993. It seemed like the end for Mayhem, but Hellhammer decided to carry on the band's legacy. He enlisted the help of Maniac, Necro Butcher, and Blasphemer (Rune Eriksen) to continue making music.

Later Years and Departures

In 1997, after a seven-year hiatus, Mayhem performed their first concert since Leipzig's show. They released a mini-album titled "Wolf's Lair Abyss" in the same year, followed by a full-length album in 1999. Throughout this period, Hellhammer was often involved in various side projects.

In 2001, Maniac decided to leave Mayhem, but he soon reconsidered and returned to the band. Mayhem continues to be active in the black metal scene, with a dedicated fan base and a reputation for their intense live performances.