Hu and Mao

Hu and Mao

Love story
Country: China

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Love Story

Daughter of Chinese leader Hu Jintao, Hu Haixin married one of the richest men in the country, Mao Daolin. The wedding took place in Hawaii, away from prying eyes. However, such precautionary measures did not help - the ceremony was leaked to the Western media, who dubbed the wedding a "happy marriage of power and money." In China itself, rumors of the marriage between the millionaire and the daughter of the country's top leader did not cause a sensation. "If this had happened 10 years ago, it would have been a shock. But now, such marriages are commonplace in our country," the Chinese people assure.

Biography of Hu Haixin

Unlike her father, 33-year-old Hu Haixin does not actively participate in political life. It is known for certain that like her father, she graduated from Xinhua University in Beijing, the second most prestigious university in the country after Peking University. Roommates from the dormitory where Hu Haixin lived during her studies describe her as a "calm and kind" girl. They recall that on weekends, Hu Haixin would ride her old bicycle to visit her parents. No one remembers her father ever sending a car for her. After graduating from university, Hu Haixin worked for a computer company in Shanghai. It is possible that it was there where she first met her future husband. People who knew Hu Haixin well in Beijing say that she often described what her future spouse would be like: "tall, pleasant, and reliable." After Shanghai, she interned in Belgium and then worked for two foreign companies. But this is her official biography.

According to Western media reports, Hu Haixin spent eight years studying at a university in the United States, where she lived under the assumed name of a resident of Taiwan, Hu Cao Hua. It is said that Hu Haixin approached Americans asking for a "green card" but without success. As for Hu Jintao himself, he repeatedly denied such "fabrications" about his daughter. Be that as it may, last year Hu Haixin entered the graduate school of the Chinese Academy of International Trade in Shanghai.

Biography of Mao Daolin

The lucky groom, Hu Haixin, is 40 years old. Mao Daolin, or Daniel, as his American friends call him, was born and raised in Shanghai. He comes from a humble family. He graduated from the Institute of Transportation Engineers and obtained a master's degree in programming. In 1985, he went to America, where he studied economics at Stanford University. After becoming a top manager in one of the Chinese computer companies, he managed to turn the firm into one of the market leaders. After a few years, he became the head of the country's leading internet company. He has extensive connections among China's political elite.

According to various sources, his personal fortune is estimated to be between $35 million and $60 million. Today, Mao Daolin ranks 11th on the list of the country's richest people working in the field of science and technology. However, according to some reports, Mao Daolin resigned from the company as early as May. Moreover, it is said that this decision was "not voluntary." It is unknown what business Daolin is currently engaged in.