Jennie Reed

Jennie Reed

Cyclist, participant of the 2008 Olympics
Date of Birth: 20.04.1978
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Jenny Reed
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Continued Success
  4. Olympic Triumph and Current Endeavors

Biography of Jenny Reed

Early Life and Career

Jenny Reed, a talented cyclist and medalist in the World Championships, was born on April 20, 1978. Her cycling journey began in 1994 when she won her first national title at the U.S. Junior Track National Championships. She excelled in pursuit races and went on to become the champion at the U.S. Junior Nationals in the following years.

Jennie Reed

Continued Success

In 1998, Jenny Reed achieved another milestone in her career by winning the U.S. National Track Championships. She secured second place in the same competition in 2002. Her dedication and skill paved the way for her participation in the Olympic Games in 2004, where she competed in the sprint and time trial events and earned prestigious accolades.

Olympic Triumph and Current Endeavors

Jenny Reed's remarkable achievements continued as she participated in the U.S. Track Championships in 2006. She received honorary awards in three categories - sprint, 500-meter time trial, and keirin. The inclusion of keirin, a cycling discipline previously exclusive to men, in the women's program at the World Championships in 2002 motivated her to excel in the race. Despite the initial nervousness, Jenny Reed's performance earned her a bronze medal.

Today, Jenny Reed remains an active participant in pursuit races and showcases her exceptional sprinting skills. Apart from cycling, she is also an experienced mountaineer and an avid rollerblader, with a particular passion for high-speed descents. Her commitment to excellence and her love for sports continue to define her remarkable career.