Jerry & David Yang & Filo

Jerry & David Yang & Filo

The creators of the search engine Yahoo!
Country: USA

  1. Jerry and David Yang: The Creators of Yahoo!
  2. The Birth of Yahoo!
  3. The Road to Success
  4. Continuing the Journey

Jerry and David Yang: The Creators of Yahoo!

Jerry Yang and David Filo are renowned for being the masterminds behind the popular search engine, Yahoo!. Born in Taiwan, Jerry Yang moved to California with his mother and younger brother at the age of 10. Despite knowing only one English word - 'shoe', this young entrepreneur managed to complete a six-year university course in just four years.

On the other hand, David Filo, a graduate of Tulane University, remains unmarried to this day. Like Yang, he pursued further studies at Stanford University but eventually dropped out. Both Filo and Yang have made significant contributions to the university that nurtured them, donating one million dollars each in 1997.

The Birth of Yahoo!

In late 1993, Yang and Filo, who were electrical engineering graduates from Stanford University, began compiling a catalog of their favorite web pages from a trailer on the university campus. Initially known as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web," the list gained popularity among a wider audience and by the end of 1994, their webpage was receiving a million visitors per day.

In 1995, Yang and Filo decided to name their site 'Yahoo!' after the creatures in Jonathan Swift's novel "Gulliver's Travels." Their trailer-story became an Internet folklore, with descriptions of the chaos inside their trailer, ranging from empty pizza boxes and golf clubs to a lack of chairs. However, despite the unconventional working conditions, their determination and passion for their project remained unwavering.

The Road to Success

The success of Yahoo! caught the attention of Michael Moritz, a partner at Sequoia Capital. In January 1995, he convinced his company to invest two million dollars in Yahoo!, a decision that has since yielded a remarkable return of 3.4 billion dollars. Today, Yang and Filo own a company valued at 39 billion dollars, with over 60 million people utilizing their internet service.

Throughout their journey, Jerry Yang is known for his energetic and emotional tactics, while David Filo is regarded as a wise strategist. According to Elen Siminoff, Vice President of Yahoo! for strategic planning and business development, they are simply "nice guys." Even newly hired employees have the privilege of knocking on their office doors and having a conversation.

Continuing the Journey

Despite their incredible success, Jerry Yang humbly states that he does not consider himself a successful person. He believes there is still much more to accomplish, emphasizing the importance of staying vigilant and slightly paranoid. Yang's relentless drive and Filo's strategic thinking have propelled them to become the youngest modern billionaires.

Their story serves as an inspiration, proving that with determination, hard work, and a dash of creativity, anyone can achieve extraordinary success.