Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

English musician, guitarist of The Smiths
Date of Birth: 31.10.1963
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Johnny Marr
  2. Early Life
  3. Early Musical Career
  4. The Smiths and Success
  5. Post-Smiths Career
  6. Influence and Legacy

Biography of Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr (Johnny Marr, full name John Martin Maher) is an English musician with Irish roots, a guitarist and songwriter for the legendary band 'The Smiths', after the breakup of which he played with bands such as 'Electronic', 'The The', 'Modest Mouse', 'The Cribs' and pursued a solo career.

Johnny Marr

Early Life

Johnny Marr was born on October 31 in the suburbs of Manchester, United Kingdom, into a family of Irish immigrants. In 1975, he enrolled in St Augustine's Catholic Grammar School, which eventually merged with St John Plessington High School. Interestingly, music did not interest John as much as football in his childhood. He spent days playing football not only with his peers but also with older boys. Professional team scouts began to show interest in the young athlete. Representatives from 'Nottingham Forest' contacted him several times, and the management of 'Manchester City F.C.' even arranged a joint training session for him with the team, where he showcased his skills. However, Marr gained fame not through his accuracy in passing and shooting but through his excellent hearing, which he later combined with his guitar and bass playing abilities.

Johnny Marr

Early Musical Career

Johnny formed his first band, 'The Paris Valentinos', while still in school. By 1971, he was already performing with the group 'Sister Ray', and in 1981, he co-founded the funk band 'The Freak Party' with friends. Despite John's undeniable talent, no one could have imagined at the time that his next musical project would become known worldwide and bring him fame as one of England's legendary musicians.

Johnny Marr

The Smiths and Success

After the breakup of 'The Freak Party', Marr began searching for a vocalist to form a new band. His friends suggested offering the position to Steven Morrissey, who was the vocalist for 'The Nosebleeds' at the time. Together with Andy Rourke on bass guitar and Mike Joyce on drums, the group held several rehearsals at a local studio, where they wrote material for their first single, 'Hand in Glove'. In February 1984, their first full-length album titled 'The Smiths' was released by the independent label 'Rough Trade Records'. Within a few weeks, the album reached the second position in the charts. The band's next work, the album 'Meat Is Murder', released in February 1985, quickly topped the British charts. Marr's guitar parts on the album received high praise from critics and were later recognized as classics. The group, with Johnny, recorded the album 'The Queen Is Dead', which was named 'The Greatest Album Ever Made' by 'Spin' magazine. However, after its release, Marr decided to leave the band due to alcohol-related issues.

Johnny Marr

Post-Smiths Career

After the breakup, the band members remained in conflict for a long time, and Mike Joyce even took Marr and Morrissey to court, claiming that he not only did not receive his share of album sales but also remained unnoticed in their shadow. After the band's breakup, Johnny continued his musical career and collaborated actively with other English musicians. He spent three years as the guitarist for 'The Cribs', with whom he recorded the album 'Ignore the Ignorant'. Constantly working on new songs, Marr released his debut solo album 'The Messenger' in 2012, featuring his son Nile and daughter Sonny. In a BBC poll conducted in 2010, Johnny Marr was ranked 4th among the world's greatest musicians.

Influence and Legacy

Johnny Marr's playing style and warm sound have become legendary and have influenced a new generation of musicians worldwide. Noel Gallagher, the founder and guitarist of the popular band 'Oasis', confessed that he grew up listening to 'The Smiths' and believes that "Marr is unique, no one else can play like him. He's simply a damn wizard."