Kaspars Dimiters

Kaspars Dimiters

Latvian musician and public figure
Date of Birth: 01.05.1957
Country: Latvia

  1. Biography of Kaspar Dimiters
  2. Music Career
  3. Acting Career
  4. Public and Artistic Activities

Biography of Kaspar Dimiters

Kaspar Dimiters is a well-known Latvian musician and public figure. He was born into an acting family, Vi Artmane and Arturs Dimiters. From the age of 17, he started composing poems. In 1979, his songs began to be played on Latvian radio. Dimiters collaborated as a lyricist with Latvian composers such as Zigmar Liepinsh, Gunar Rosenberg, Ivars Vigners, and Uldis Stabulnieks.

Music Career

In 1983, Dimiters joined the band Opus, but he embarked on a solo career in 1985, collaborating with guitarist Ivars Hermanis and his band Remix. In 1987, Dimiters founded the group Sl??i, and during this period, he also turned to the Lutheran faith. He authored the libretto for Zigmar Liepinsh's rock opera "Cathedral of Notre Dame" (Latvian: "Par?zes Dievm?tes katedr?le"), created in 1997. In 2000, Zigmar Liepinsh composed the opera "Blood and Roses" (Latvian: "No rozes un asin?m") based on Dimiters' libretto.

Acting Career

In 2006, Dimiters appeared in the film "Dark Deer" (Latvian: "Tum?ie brie?i") directed by Viesturs Kairiss.

Public and Artistic Activities

Dimiters, as an opponent of homosexuality and the promotion of homosexuality, has spoken out against the holding of gay parades in Riga. He has embraced Orthodoxy and is a parishioner of the Latvian Orthodox Church. Dimiters actively participates in the restoration and painting of Orthodox churches in Latvia, working as an artist, mason, and carpenter. He is married to Liga Dimitere, who is also a public figure, and they have two children.