Klaus Dinger

Klaus Dinger

German musician and composer
Date of Birth: 24.03.1946
Country: Germany

  1. Klaus Dinger: A German Musician and Composer
  2. Early Career with Kraftwerk
  3. Formation of Neu!
  4. La Düsseldorf and Later Projects

Klaus Dinger: A German Musician and Composer

Klaus Dinger was a German musician and composer, best known as one of the creators and members of the krautrock band Neu!, where he developed the motorik rhythm. He passed away on March 21, 2008, just three days before his 62nd birthday.

Early Career with Kraftwerk

Dinger emerged on the German music scene as a drummer for Kraftwerk, alongside Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider. He joined the band to replace the original drummer Andreas Hohmann during the recording of their debut album. At the same time, Michael Rother joined the group, temporarily replacing Hütter. The only recording made by this lineup was for the television program Beat-Club. Later, Hütter returned to Kraftwerk, while Dinger and Rother decided to leave the band and form their own.

Formation of Neu!

In 1971, Dinger and Rother formed Neu! and soon recorded their debut album. One of the most notable features of their recording was the rhythmic style called Motorik, best demonstrated in the 10-minute track "Hallogallo." Dinger's style influenced drummers such as Simon King of the band Hawkwind. The group went on to record the albums Neu! 2 (1973) and Neu! '75 (1975), which included two of Dinger's most famous songs, "Super" and "Hero."

La Düsseldorf and Later Projects

One of Dinger's most well-known and successful projects after Neu! was called La Düsseldorf. The band recorded a series of successful albums (selling over a million copies) in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including La Düsseldorf, Viva, and Individuellos. Dinger later formed La! Neu?, a reference to the names Neu! and La Düsseldorf. In the late 1990s, the band recorded several albums under the sub-label "Dingerland" of Captain Trip Records.

Overall, Klaus Dinger's contributions to the German music scene, particularly through Neu! and La Düsseldorf, have left a lasting impact on the genre of krautrock and his innovative drumming style continues to inspire musicians to this day.