Kon Satoshi

Kon Satoshi

Writer, mangaka and aspiring but already famous anime director
Date of Birth: 12.10.1963
Country: Japan

Biography of Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon was a writer, manga artist, and aspiring but already renowned anime director. He started his career as a professional manga artist in 1990 with the publication of "Tropic" [Kaikisen]. While working on its publication, he also worked as an assistant and disciple of Katsuhiro Otomo, illustrating his manga "World Apartment Horror" (1991). In the same year, Kon participated in the creation of the feature-length OAV "Roujin Z" based on Otomo's manga. His first significant work in anime was coordinating the creation of the OAV series "Strange Adventures of Jojo" (1993-1994) by director Hiroyuki Kitakubo, who also worked on "Roujin Z". In 1995, Kon collaborated with Koji Morimoto on the creation of the first anime anthology film "Memories" by Otomo.

In 1993, Takeuchi Yoshikazu, the author of the popular psychological thriller "Perfect Blue," proposed to "Rex Entertainment" to adapt his book. Initially, a live-action film was planned, but it was later decided to make an anime adaptation. The studio "Madhouse" agreed to animate this experimental anime, and Otomo, who had previously illustrated the novel, suggested Kon as the film's director.

The full-length film "Perfect Blue," released in 1997, became a huge hit. It won the first prize at the "Fant-Asia Film Festival" as the best Asian film. Kon instantly became one of the cult and most well-known anime directors. His next feature-length anime was "Millennium Actress" (2001), which tells the story of the life and career of the famous Japanese actress Chiyoko Fujiwara.

Like his mentor Otomo, Satoshi Kon does not embrace the "cute" style. He is interested in delving into the depths of human psychology rather than depicting beautiful girls and boys in mundane situations. He sees animation not as an end in itself but as a special form of art for conveying ideas and concepts that are interesting to the creator. Kon is one of the first directors to incorporate ideas developed in film editing and cinematography into anime.