Lascelles Abercrombie

Lascelles Abercrombie

British poet and literary critic
Date of Birth: 09.01.1881
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Lascelles Abercrombie
  2. Works and Achievement
  3. Family and Legacy

Biography of Lascelles Abercrombie

Lascelles Abercrombie was a British poet and literary critic. He was born in 1881 in Ashton upon Mersey, Cheshire, England. Abercrombie received his education at Malvern College and the University of Manchester.

Before the outbreak of World War I, Abercrombie lived in Dymock, Gloucestershire. In 1922, he began working as a professor of English language at the University of Leeds. He later taught at the University of London from 1929 and joined Oxford University in 1935.

Works and Achievement

Abercrombie wrote extensively on the nature of poetry, including works such as "The Idea of Great Poetry" (1925) and "Romanticism" (1926). He also published several volumes of his own poetry, primarily metaphysical poems in dramatic form, as well as a number of poetic plays. His poems and plays were collected in the book "Poems" (1930). In the same year, Abercrombie released a separate edition of his best poems titled "The Sale of Saint Thomas".

Abercrombie's works were highly admired by his contemporaries, particularly his ability to convey thoughts through vivid metaphysical imagery. Notable admirers of his talent included Oliver Elton and Una Ellis-Fermor. Many of Abercrombie's critical essays were published posthumously and continue to be of great interest to literary researchers.

Family and Legacy

It is known that Lascelles Abercrombie was the brother of architect Patrick Abercrombie. His son, Michael Abercrombie, became a renowned biologist, while his grandson, Joe Abercrombie, followed in his footsteps and became a successful writer.