Marck Rooie

Marck Rooie

Football fan
Country: Netherlands

  1. The most loyal fan
  2. The decline and revival of the team
  3. The surprise for Mark
  4. A heartfelt tribute
  5. A final tribute and farewell
  6. The passing of a legend

The most loyal fan

Mark Rui, a football fan of Feyenoord Football Club from Rotterdam, Netherlands, was known as the most loyal fan of the team. He was born and raised in Rotterdam and had been supporting Feyenoord since he was 13 years old. Despite not being featured in newspapers or on television, Mark was well-known in Rotterdam.

Marck Rooie

The decline and revival of the team

In the 2000s, Feyenoord's performance declined significantly as key players left the club, resulting in a nearly empty stadium during home matches. However, Mark, along with a few other diehard fans, started inviting friends and family to the games, writing articles about upcoming matches in newspapers, and sharing amusing stories about the team's history with children. Gradually, the stands of the stadium were once again filled with passionate supporters, and Mark was recognized as the most dedicated fan of the club.

Marck Rooie

The surprise for Mark

Just as the team's fortunes began to improve and it seemed like Mark's story with his beloved club would have a happy ending, he received devastating news during a medical examination. It was discovered that he had a malignant tumor, and he had only a month to live at best, or just over a week if his condition worsened. As soon as the news reached the fans and the club's management, a decision was made to surprise Mark and express their gratitude.

A heartfelt tribute

On June 26, during the first training match of the regular season, over 6,000 people attended the game. After 12 minutes, Mark unexpectedly appeared on the field on a hospital stretcher, accompanied by his friends. The crowd erupted in a deafening roar, while on one of the stands, fans unveiled a huge banner depicting a portrait of Mark wearing the team's jersey. Soon, the stands echoed with the song "You will never be alone," and hundreds of flares lit up the stadium. Overwhelmed by emotions, Mark cried while lying on the stretcher. Summoning his last bit of strength, he stood up and walked across the green grass of his cherished field.

A final tribute and farewell

The players interrupted the match to shake Mark's hand, expressing their gratitude for his years of support and loyalty. The team captain presented Mark with a game jersey, symbolizing the new season. With the help of his friends, Mark made his way to the stands and bowed low, admitting that it was only now, being surrounded by friends, that he felt better. The game resumed, but the enormous banner remained on the stands throughout the match.

The passing of a legend

Three days later, on June 29, the club's website announced the news that Mark, known as "Rui the Red," had passed away at his home. His body was carried through the main street of the city, accompanied by dozens of bikers and fans of the team. A banner appeared on the roof of one of the houses, with the words "You united us in difficult times." Many buses and cars were adorned with stickers featuring Mark's portrait. Shortly before his death, he had written a letter to the club's manager, which was published on the team's website on the day of his passing: "I would like to thank all of you. Now, I am embarking on my new and best world, blessed to have been the happiest person because of all of you. Thank you, everyone. Goodbye!"