Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes

American inventor trying to prove the flat earth theory.
Country: USA

Biography of Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes is an American inventor who is determined to prove the theory of a flat Earth. Now 61 years old, the self-proclaimed "mad scientist" is preparing to launch himself to a height of 550 meters on a homemade rocket over the Mojave Desert to ultimately prove that the Earth is flat.

Mike Hughes

For several years, Hughes, a former stuntman turned limousine driver, worked in his garage constructing a steam-powered rocket from spare parts. The project cost him $20,000, which included the purchase of "Rust-Oleum" paint to give the rocket a stylish look, and a converted mobile home as a launch ramp. He intends to test his creation in the ghost town of Amboy, located in the Mojave Desert, where only four people reside, and fly alongside the "Mother Road" - the historic Route 66. Hughes is sponsored by the "Research Flat Earth" society, a group that advocates the idea that the Earth is flat and denies the scientific facts provided by astronauts.

Mike Hughes

In one of his videos, Mike claims that NASA is controlled by Freemasons and that American engineer and billionaire Elon Musk produces fake rockets. In the future, the "mad scientist" plans to build a rocket that will take him into space so he can see the "real Earth" with his own eyes and capture images for the "ignorant earthlings."

"I enjoy doing extraordinary things that no one else can do," says Hughes. "No one in human history has ever designed, built, and launched themselves in their own rocket. I understand aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. I know how objects move in the air, what size the rocket nozzle should be, and I am knowledgeable about thrust. But this is not science, it's just calculations."

In reality, this is not Hughes' first rocket. He landed on private property in Winkelman, Arizona in January 2014, reaching a height of 419 meters. The landing caused him to lose consciousness, and it took three days for him to recover from the effects. His new rocket was constructed at the "Rocket Ranch" in Apple Valley, California.

"I want to inspire others," he declares. "You have to do something incredible to get attention."

Interestingly, the ghost town of Amboy served as the inspiration for the fictional town of Radiator Springs in the Disney movie "Cars." Hughes obtained permission from the town's owner, Albert Okura, who purchased the decaying town for $435,000, to launch his rocket in Amboy on the airstrip near a semi-destroyed hangar.

"This is the craziest marketing proposal I've ever received since buying the entire town of Amboy back in 2005," said Okura. "Mike is a true daredevil, and I want to be a part of it."

On the morning of the launch day, November 25, 2017, Hughes planned to heat approximately 70 gallons of water in a stainless steel tank before taking flight between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. However, delays have repeatedly pushed back the launch as unexpected obstacles continue to arise.

Hughes intends to fly approximately 1.5 kilometers before activating two parachutes. His adventure will be broadcast on his YouTube channel.

According to Mike, after the flight, he plans to announce his candidacy for Governor of California. Supporters of this theory claim that the Earth is a flat disk, not a sphere. They argue that the Earth appears flat and seems flat when moving across its surface, and believe that all evidence to the contrary is part of a global conspiracy.

According to the cosmology of the "Research Flat Earth" society, the Earth is a flat disk with a diameter of 40,000 kilometers. The center of the disk is located around the North Pole, and Antarctica is merely an icy wall encircling the Earth.

Flat Earth theorists are convinced that all satellite images and evidence pointing to a spherical Earth are fabricated by NASA and other government agencies. They also believe that the Earth is motionless in space and does not revolve around the Sun, denying the existence of gravity as we know it.