Nathan Han

Nathan Han

Winner of the ISEF competition
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Nathan Han
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. ISEF Victory
  4. Pursuit of Science
  5. Future Plans

Biography of Nathan Han

Nathan Han is an American schoolboy who recently became the winner of a highly prestigious event for students - the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). He won for his contribution in the fight against cancer - his software directly works with the gene responsible for breast cancer.

Nathan Han

Early Life and Education

Nathan Han, a self-taught prodigy, was born in Boston and is currently 15 years old. He attends Boston Latin School but did not study in specialized schools or participate in scientific projects. His inventions in the field of medicine were purely out of his scientific curiosity and a desire to help cancer research.

ISEF Victory

At the age of 15, Nathan Han explored the characteristics of the BRCA1 gene mutation, which helps suppress tumors. His groundbreaking research earned him a $75,000 prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a renowned and popular project stimulating young scientists, specifically school students, to engage in scientific research. The fair covers various fields such as mathematics, computer science, medicine, and technology, and the results are evaluated by a jury consisting of more than a thousand prominent scientists.

Nathan describes his invention as follows: "I created a process that can successfully detect and predict carcinogenic mutations in human DNA. I did this by analyzing mutation data... and then performed statistical analysis on how these mutations can alter certain protein properties."

Pursuit of Science

Nathan developed his passion for science in the 4th grade and has been conducting various research projects ever since. When he heard about the ISEF project, Nathan decided to participate and prepared diligently. He chose to focus on cancer research, an area of science that he believed truly benefits humanity. Speaking about his future plans, he admitted to journalists that he is not yet sure where he will go to study after finishing school. "The possibilities are limitless," says the young prodigy. However, he is determined to work in the fields of computer science and statistics, with a particular interest in bioinformatics.

Future Plans

Nathan plans to use a portion of his $75,000 prize to fund his college education and invest in the necessary resources for his research. His victory at the ISEF competition is a significant breakthrough, and it is safe to say that the best universities in the country would be eager to have Nathan as a student. Despite the immense joy of winning, Nathan is already thinking about future research endeavors. He is deeply passionate about science and remains dedicated to making further contributions to his field.