Nicolae Labis

Nicolae Labis

Romanian poet.
Date of Birth: 02.12.1935
Country: Romania

Biography of Nicolae Labiș

Nicolae Labiș was a Romanian poet who gained recognition for his works at a young age. He published his first poems while still in school. Throughout his life, he managed to compile two poetry books - "The Death of the Deer" (1955, published in 1964) and "First Desires" (1956).

Tragically, Labiș's life was cut short at the age of 21. However, his poetic legacy lived on. In 1958, his two previously published poetry books were combined to create a collection titled "Struggling with Inertia" (1958), which was published posthumously.

Anna Bessmertnaya was responsible for translating Labiș's poems into Russian, introducing his works to a broader audience.