Nilda Fernandez

Nilda Fernandez

Date of Birth: 27.10.1957
Country: France

  1. Biography of Nilda Fernandez
  2. The Early Years
  3. A Unique Connection with the Audience
  4. Collaborations and French Seasons
  5. Literary Works

Biography of Nilda Fernandez

Nilda Fernandez is a French chanson singer of Spanish origin. He was born as Daniel Fernandez on October 27th, 1957 (although officially registered on the 27th, he was actually born on the 25th) in a small town near Barcelona, Spain, into a family of Andalusian Protestants. When he was six years old, Daniel's parents moved to France and settled in the city of Lyon. Later, Daniel returned to his native Spain and studied philology in Barcelona.

The Early Years

In 1981, Fernandez released his first album, "Le bonheur comptant," which went unnoticed and is not even included in his official discography. Later, he adopted the pseudonym Nilda by rearranging the letters in his own name. In 1987, he gained recognition with the release of his single "Madrid Madrid," which became his signature song and earned him several music awards. Fernandez's music combines Latin rhythms, bolero, and flamenco with light arrangements.

A Unique Connection with the Audience

Every concert, whether in Cuba, Moscow, Birobidzhan, Marseille, or Paris, is primarily a form of communication with the audience for Nilda. Accompanied by musicians and a caravan of horse-drawn wagons, he embarks on tours from Barcelona to Paris, stopping in small towns along the way and performing concerts directly on the streets and squares.

Collaborations and French Seasons

Nilda Fernandez has collaborated with many world-renowned artists, including Mercedes Sosa, Jane Birkin, Sam Mangwana, Patrick Bruel, Georges Moustaki, Marina Rossell, Dorval, and more. In Moscow, he organized a series of concerts called "French Seasons," where he brought stars like Angun, George Moustaki, Claude Nougaro, Matmatah, Sanseverino, Edgar Ravahatra, Yves Jamait, Alexandra Cravero, Pistons Flingueurs, Le P'tit Jezu, and others.

Literary Works

In 1995, Nilda Fernandez released his novel "Ça repart pour un soliloque," written from the perspective of a woman. This led to numerous questions from journalists regarding his sexual orientation. During his collaboration with Russian estrada singer Boris Moiseev, Fernandez faced even more scrutiny in this regard. In March 2007, he published his second book, "Les Chants du monde," based on a diary he wrote during his years living in Russia.