Pedro Quezada

Pedro Quezada

American resident who won the Powerball lottery jackpot
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Pedro Quezada
  2. A Life-Changing Jackpot
  3. Words of Advice from the Judge
  4. Moving Forward

Biography of Pedro Quezada

Pedro Quezada, a Dominican immigrant and resident of Paterson, New Jersey, was a hardworking man who owned a wine cellar. He used to work 17 hours a day to support his wife and five children. Despite the challenges in his life, everything changed dramatically after he won the $338 million Powerball lottery in the United States.

Pedro Quezada

A Life-Changing Jackpot

The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot were 1 in 175,000,000. Once all taxes are paid, Quezada will have approximately $152 million in his hands. However, he is obligated to pay around $30,000 to cover his child support debt that has been pending since 2009. He was supposed to pay his wife and children $141 per week. Quezada made a promise to his lawyer, Paul Fernandez, that he will do what is right for his children from now on.

Words of Advice from the Judge

When Quezada appeared in court wearing a sweatshirt and sneakers, Supreme Court Judge Ernest Caposela gave him some recommendations and a warning. Caposela said, "There will be many people who will ask you to invest in this and that because fate smiled upon you. But investing in your children is the wisest decision you can make." Quezada, 44 years old, dressed in a gray sweatshirt, dark blue pants, and sneakers, used a Spanish translator during the court hearing and stated that three of his children will live with him. The mother of the children did not attend the hearing, and Caposela mentioned that she does not reside in New Jersey, although her current whereabouts were not specified.

Moving Forward

Quezada left the courthouse without commenting to the media. However, his lawyer, Paul Fernandez, mentioned that his client wants to leave all the legal disputes behind and move forward. Fernandez added, "He plans to do what needs to be done; he plans to do what is right for his children. He is a family man."

When asked about the rumors that Quezada offered to pay his neighbors' rent for one or two months, Fernandez dismissed them as mere speculation. Some of Quezada's neighbors in the narrow residential block, located between a highway and gravel pits, claimed they heard about such an offer from the suddenly wealthy Pedro through the media. However, a neighbor named David Guzman sent a text message to the landlord when he heard the news, and the landlord denied knowing anything about it. Guzman said, "If even my landlord didn't know anything, I highly doubt it's true. It's probably just a publicity stunt to keep the attention on what's happening."

Quezada became the sole winner of the Powerball lottery drawing on March 23, 2013. His winning combination was 17, 29, 31, 52, 53, and the additional number 31.