Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona

Guatemalan pop and ballad singer
Date of Birth: 19.01.1964
Country: Guatemala

  1. Biography of Ricardo Arjona
  2. Early Interest in Music
  3. Dream of Becoming a Professional Singer
  4. Teaching and Sports
  5. Return to Music
  6. Education and Personal Life

Biography of Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona is a Guatemalan pop and ballad singer who has been nominated for 'Grammy' three times and has won the award twice. He was born Edgar in Jocotenango, Antigua, Guatemala.

Ricardo Arjona

Early Interest in Music

Music interested Ricardo at a young age, and by the age of eight, he was already proficient in playing the guitar. Despite the rebellious phase of adolescence affecting his academic performance, Ricardo continued to pursue his passion for music.

Ricardo Arjona

Dream of Becoming a Professional Singer

Throughout his life, Ricardo's dream was to become a professional singer. This opportunity presented itself when he was 21 years old, and he recorded his first album, 'Dejame decir que te amo.' However, the album did not achieve much success, leading Ricardo to consider leaving the music industry.

Teaching and Sports

Ricardo then ventured into teaching and spent six hours a day teaching while playing football during the rest of the day. To their surprise, representatives from the Ministry of Education became interested in Ricardo's teaching method, and testing showed that his students' overall performance was above average.

Ricardo also excelled in basketball and even played for the teams 'Leones de Marte' and 'TRIAS.' He was also part of the Guatemalan national basketball team and held the national record for the highest number of points scored in a single game.

Return to Music

Despite his success in other fields, Ricardo couldn't let go of his passion for music. He decided to give it another try and recorded his second album. This time, luck was on his side, and the album 'Jesus verbo, no sustantivo' became the best-selling record in the history of the Central American music market.

Education and Personal Life

Ricardo pursued higher education in fields unrelated to music. He initially studied architecture and engineering and later enrolled in the School of Communication Sciences at the University of San Carlos.

In his hometown of Jocotenango, there is a street named after Ricardo. In Buenos Aires, he met Leslie Torres, a Puerto Rican woman, with whom he had two children named Adria and Ricardo. However, Torres and Arjona eventually separated.