Richard Norton

Richard Norton

Australian and American actor, producer, martial arts specialist
Date of Birth: 06.01.1950
Country: Australia

  1. Biography of Richard Norton
  2. Early Life and Martial Arts Career
  3. Collaboration with Chuck Norris and Transition to Acting
  4. Work in Hong Kong and Hollywood
  5. Personal Life and Career Highlights

Biography of Richard Norton

Richard Norton is an Australian-American actor, producer, and martial arts expert. His unique acting talent and fighting skills quickly propelled him to become one of the world's top action stars. When producers in Hong Kong needed a white actor who could fight well, they chose Richard.

Richard Norton

Early Life and Martial Arts Career

Richard Norton is considered one of Australia's first karate masters. He was a leading master of the Goju-ryu style and won numerous championships in his country. He also worked as a bodyguard for celebrities such as the "Rolling Stones" and David Bowie for twenty years. With all his accomplishments, Richard has gained respect but does not seek attention.

Richard Norton

Collaboration with Chuck Norris and Transition to Acting

In 1976, Richard and his friend and partner Bob Jones invited Chuck Norris for demonstration performances. Impressed by Richard's skills, Chuck invited him to California. However, Richard only made it to California three years later as a bodyguard and personal trainer for singer Linda Ronstadt. It was during this time that he also helped Aaron Norris, Chuck's brother and director, choreograph fight scenes. This marked the beginning of Richard's acting career. He later appeared with Chuck in films such as "Forced Vengeance" and "Eye for an Eye," as well as in the TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger." Richard acknowledges that he owes his entry into the film industry to Chuck Norris, and the opportunity led him to work on other projects, including the film "Force of the Five."

Work in Hong Kong and Hollywood

Richard also had the chance to work with Jackie Chan in Hong Kong. After his successful performances in the film "Big Brawl," Richard was invited to act in several films with Chan, including "My Lucky Stars" and films with Cynthia Rothrock. Out of his over forty film roles, only fifteen were positive characters. In Hong Kong, Richard often played negative roles because there were already plenty of actors available for positive roles. Despite this, Richard's presence on screen was well-received, especially when he played the antagonist to smaller Chinese actors.

Personal Life and Career Highlights

Richard's personal life is filled with interesting encounters and experiences as a bodyguard. He worked with famous celebrities, such as Mick Jagger and David Bowie, and had to face dangerous situations to protect them. Richard also formed a close bond with Steven Seagal after meeting him in Japan in 1978. He respects Seagal's success in both martial arts and the film industry. With his own career, Richard believes in constantly improving oneself and not competing with others. He enjoys watching kickboxing matches and appreciates the realism and intensity of the sport.

In 1993, Richard married popular Australian model Juzi Green, who had survived a life-threatening accident and had to relearn basic skills. Richard was attracted to Juzi's fighting spirit and resilience. Throughout his career, Richard has been known for his ability to deliver and receive powerful blows on screen, making his opponents look like superheroes. He embraces the bruises and bumps that come with the job and believes that his willingness to take hits has contributed to his success as an actor.