Robert Friedland

Robert Friedland

American billionaire industrialist
Country: USA

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  2. Professional Achievements
  3. Galactic Resources
  4. Environmental Concerns

Biography of Robert Friedland

Robert Friedland, an American billionaire, entrepreneur, and industrialist, is a renowned figure in the business world. Born in 1951 in the United States, he is a graduate of the prestigious Reed College, where he earned an honorary bachelor's degree in science and art.

Robert Friedland

Professional Achievements

Currently residing in Singapore with his family, Friedland has amassed a personal fortune of approximately $1.2 billion. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential and wealthy individuals on the planet, according to Forbes, a globally recognized economic magazine.

Friedland currently serves as the chairman of Ivanhoe Energy and Ivanhoe Mines, Inc, where he leads the extraction of valuable mineral resources. Previously, his company operated in productive regions such as the Amazon, Zambia, the South African Atlantic coast, Siberia, and other territories. At present, the company is focusing on the exploration and development of immense copper-gold and coal reserves in East Asia, particularly in Mongolia.

Galactic Resources

A significant milestone in Friedland's career was his involvement with Galactic Resources, a company engaged in the extraction of valuable minerals in the highly popular Summitville area. However, in 1990, the site was closed down and operations were suspended. Experts claim that this was a result of improper and environmentally harmful mining practices.

The company's activities led to the contamination of a seventeen-mile river near the mining site. The leader of the enterprise was accused of intentional dumping of extracted minerals and the deliberate release of harmful cyanide into the river water.

Environmental Concerns

Currently, Robert Friedland is striving to establish business relations with the Mongolian government, which has mixed views on his plans to exploit the country's valuable mineral deposits. Many public organizations strongly oppose any activities that could harm the fragile Mongolian environment.