Rolando Lozano

Rolando Lozano

Theft suspect
Country: USA

Rolando Lozano – A Notorious Criminal Caught through Social Media Bragging

Rolando Lozano, a suspect involved in multiple car thefts, gained notoriety in November 2013 when he foolishly boasted about his elusive nature on the social media platform, Facebook. Little did he know that this act of bravado would lead to his swift capture less than 30 minutes later.

The police in Rosenburg, Texas, had been interested in Lozano for his alleged involvement in the theft of 17 cars. Despite their efforts, they were unable to apprehend the criminal. In a surprising turn of events, the Rosenburg police decided to use the power of social media and posted information about the wanted suspect on Facebook, one of the most popular platforms worldwide.

Strangely enough, Lozano couldn't resist responding to the post, proclaiming his innocence and challenging the police, saying, "Catch me if you can!" Unfortunately for him, his joy in showcasing his originality and elusiveness was short-lived as he was arrested just 15 minutes after his comment.

"We got you," the police replied to his post, "just 5 minutes after you wrote this." The police also expressed their gratitude to the online community for their assistance, while Lozano, the car thief, found himself behind bars. Interestingly, photos of his arrest were also made available online, confirming the fact of Lozano's capture.

Lozano had been working in tandem with his brother, Damian, who had already been brought to justice before him. Lozano managed to evade the authorities for a considerable amount of time until he was found hiding in a relative's house. By the way, the police's response to Lozano's post garnered a lot of attention and quickly garnered numerous likes on Facebook.

This incident is not the first time that Facebook has aided law enforcement in their work. Nicholas Emond, another individual caught due to their own virtual activity, recently fell victim to the same fate after commenting on a post about his own search. It remains unknown whether Lozano, who is now in custody, has access to the internet or is aware of his newfound internet fame. Nevertheless, most users find amusement in the criminal's foolishness.