She and Him

She and Him

American indie rock band
Country: USA

  1. Biography of She & Him
  2. The Beginnings
  3. The Collaboration
  4. Success and Recognition
  5. The Music

Biography of She & Him

She & Him is an American indie rock group formed by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. Deschanel, known for her acting roles in films such as "Elf," "Yes Man," "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," and "Bridge to Terabithia," serves as the "She" in the duo. Ward, a musician, singer, and composer known for his romantic and slightly quirky retro style, is the "Him" of the group.

 She and Him

The Beginnings

Deschanel and Ward first met at an audition for the film "The Go-Getter," in which Deschanel had a leading role. During the audition, they were required to sing a duet, and this initial meeting may have sparked their subsequent creative collaboration. However, they did not immediately embark on any joint projects at the time. Instead, they engaged in a lengthy electronic correspondence as Deschanel lived in Los Angeles, while Ward resided in Portland, Oregon.

 She and Him

The Collaboration

In 2006, Deschanel traveled to Portland and joined Ward in his studio to experiment with recording music together. After completing their initial trials, the artists went their separate ways for two years, focusing on their individual work. However, in March 2008, their collaborative efforts came to fruition with the release of their debut album, "Volume One."

Success and Recognition

Following the release of their first album, She & Him embarked on a major concert tour in July and August of the same year to promote their music. The success of their debut album was immediately evident, with Paste Magazine even declaring it the "Album of the Year #1." Inspired by this achievement, Deschanel and Ward recorded their second album, titled "Volume Two."

The Music

She & Him's music is a homage to the girl-pop music of the 1960s. Their collection of charming and sweet songs has garnered critical acclaim, with critics claiming that it is impossible to find any faults in their music. The duo's songs are simple yet heartfelt, reflecting the unadorned and sincere nature of their collaboration.

In summary, She & Him is a unique and harmonious duo that consists of actress Zooey Deschanel and musician M. Ward. Their partnership emerged from a chance meeting during an audition and grew through a period of remote collaboration before coming together to create their signature indie rock sound. With their charming and heartfelt music, She & Him has gained recognition and success in the music industry.