Steeve Guenot

Steeve Guenot

French Greco-Roman wrestler
Date of Birth: 02.10.1985
Country: France

  1. Biography of Steve Guenot
  2. Olympic Success
  3. World Championships and National Titles
  4. A Family Legacy
  5. Conclusion

Biography of Steve Guenot

Steve Guenot is a French Greco-Roman wrestler who became an Olympic champion in 2008. He brought home the gold medal in wrestling for France for the first time since 1936. Guenot competes in the 66 kg weight category and has achieved remarkable success throughout his career.

Olympic Success

In 2008, Steve Guenot represented France at the Beijing Olympics and won the coveted gold medal in the Greco-Roman wrestling event. His victory was historic for France, as it marked the end of a 72-year-long drought in Olympic wrestling gold medals for the country. Guenot's exceptional skills, technique, and determination propelled him to the top of the podium, earning him a place in French sports history.

World Championships and National Titles

Apart from his Olympic triumph, Guenot has also achieved remarkable success in other prestigious wrestling competitions. He is a silver medalist at the World Championships and has earned the title of six-time French champion. These accomplishments highlight his consistency, talent, and dedication to his sport.

A Family Legacy

Steve Guenot comes from a family with a strong wrestling background. His older brother, Christophe Guenot, is also a talented wrestler who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in the 74 kg weight category. The Guenot brothers' achievements on the Olympic stage have made them prominent figures in French wrestling history.


Steve Guenot's career as a French Greco-Roman wrestler is marked by numerous accolades, including an Olympic gold medal, silver medal at the World Championships, and six French championship titles. His success has not only brought glory to himself but also inspired aspiring wrestlers in France. Guenot's dedication, skill, and determination continue to make him a revered figure in the world of wrestling.