Stefan Zeromski

Stefan Zeromski

Polish novelist and playwright
Date of Birth: 14.10.1864
Country: Poland

  1. Biography of Stefan Żeromski
  2. Early Works
  3. National and Social Themes
  4. Post-Independence Works
  5. Dramatic Works

Biography of Stefan Żeromski

Stefan Żeromski (1864–1925) was a Polish novelist and playwright known for his works that depicted the atmosphere of oppression and social injustice in Poland during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born on October 14, 1864, in the impoverished noble family in the Kielce Governorate.

Early Works

In 1895, Żeromski published a collection of short stories titled "Rozdziobia nas kruki, wrony" (The Ravens Will Peck Us Apart), under the pseudonym Maurycy Zych, which depicted a bleak picture of life in Poland after the failed uprising of 1863. His first novel, "Syzyfowe prace" (The Sisyphean Labors, 1898), portrayed the attempts to break the independent spirit of Polish youth.

National and Social Themes

Żeromski's later works intertwined nationalistic and political themes with social issues. His most famous novel, "Ludzie bezdomni" (Homeless People, 1900), explored social injustice. "Popioly" (Ashes, 1904) depicted an epic panorama of Polish life during the Napoleonic wars. The ethical and social problems of modernity were addressed in his novel "Dzieje grzechu" (The Story of a Sin, 1908) and the trilogy "Walka z szatanem" (The Struggle with Satan, 1916-1919).

Post-Independence Works

After Poland gained independence in 1918, Żeromski's works began to reflect a lesser sense of oppression. However, his last novel, "Przedwiosnie" (The Coming Spring, 1924), expressed deep concerns about the future of the nation. Żeromski predicted that without radical social reforms, the impatient youth of Poland could easily become victims of foreign extremists.

Dramatic Works

In addition to his novels, Żeromski also wrote numerous plays, but only one gained significant popularity - the comedy "Uletela ot menya perepelochka" (The Quail Flew Away from Me).

Overall, Stefan Żeromski was a prominent Polish writer whose works captured the social and political climate of his time, with a particular focus on the struggles and aspirations of the Polish people.