Yuriy Konstantinov

Yuriy Konstantinov

Ukrainian writer and journalist.
Country: Ukraine

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Biography of Yuri Konstantinov

Yuri Konstantinov is a Ukrainian writer and journalist. He was born in Kiev and graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Kiev State University in 1975. He started working at "Komsomolskaya Znamya" newspaper right after finishing high school at Kiev Secondary School No. 13 and eventually became its editor-in-chief.

As a journalist, Konstantinov collaborated with various periodicals and was actively involved in Komsomol and party activities. He later served as the head of the press service of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. He is a member of the Union of Writers and currently resides in Kiev, where he holds the position of deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Stolichnye Novosti".


Yuri Konstantinov is the author of several collections of science fiction stories and novellas. His notable works include "Journey for the Chosen" (1982), "The Face of Aena" (1985), "Persecution" (1989), and "Shackles for Thanatos" (2004). His stories have been translated into Czech, with the collection "Tvar Aeny" (The Face of Aena) being published in 1990.